10 Best Stretching Exercises to Improve Your Flexibility

Do you feel stressed and tense? Make two strokes with one stone with these 10 stretching exercises that will allow you to relax your body in addition to relaxing.

To maximize this stretching session and avoid injury, activate your body before you start, then keep each pose for thirty to sixty seconds.


1. The calf

By tilting the trunk slightly forward, bend one leg and extend the other backwards. Be careful to keep the heels on the ground so that you can feel the stretch in the area in question, the calf of the leg behind it. Go to the other side as soon as you’re done.


2. Inside the leg

Fold one of your legs while keeping the other lying down. Then, for a bigger challenge, put a hand on the ground.


3. The back of the leg

On your back, extend one leg towards the ceiling, then pull your leg towards you by placing your hands behind your thigh. For comfort, keep your head on the ground to relax the neck and upper body muscles.


4. The glutes

Always on your back, put your right foot on the reverse thigh. Then pull both legs towards you by bringing them close to the trunk to feel the stretch of the buttocks. Release, then start again by placing the left leg on the right thigh.


5. The front of the leg

Sit on your stomach, legs elongated, and face down on the ground. Bring the heel to the buttocks to lengthen the front muscles of the leg, called quadriceps.


6. The abdominals

On the floor, on your stomach, place your hands close to the body (at shoulder height, or even chest height), then lift the trunk. Be careful to respect the natural flexibility of your back.


7. The back

Extend your arms as far in front of you as possible, keeping your back straight (resting on your thighs). Inhale, then, when exhaling, try to bring the shoulders closer to the floor.


8. Shoulders

On the ground, while sitting, open your arms at shoulder height (elbows aligned with shoulders). Maintain good posture and involve your abs to avoid feeling discomfort in your lower back.


9. Arms

Place your hands behind your back. As they move closer, gently push them down so that you feel a stretch in the muscles of your arms, especially at the biceps.


10. Obliques

Standing in the same position as at point 1, raise your arm to the ceiling, then bring it to the side to involve your obliques. Hold the break for as long as it takes, then move on to the other side.

Get into the habit of doing these stretches several times a week to increase your flexibility. Whether you do one or all of these exercises, do your best (no pressure!) and above all, do yourself good.

Come on, to your stretches!

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