10 Best Trimmer in India 2021

Going to the barber these days is increasingly difficult, not only for the price that has been very high over the last few years but also for the displacement necessary to get to the barbershop.

With the very busy standard of living that most men currently live, taking time every week, taking traffic and going to a barbershop is virtually impossible, even for those who can afford it.

So, as much as going to the barber time or another might be a good idea to define a good design for your beard, the best thing to do is to buy a beard sideboard and start taking care of your hair at home.

The market is full of different razors, with different functions, sizes and powers, wired and wireless, among other various details. So we’ve prepared a list of the top 10 beard shavers, along with several tips so you can shave efficiently and quality!

10 Best Beard Trimmers in India 2021

1. Philips One Blade


Philips is a brand recognized for its quality appliances, a quality that is not absent in the OneBlade shave, which has a design created specifically to facilitate movement through the different contours of the face, besides presenting a more modern look with its vibrant colours.

With the ability to trim, scrape and contour your beard, the OneBlade also comes with two combs of different sizes, one 1mm and one 2mm, to assist at the time of shaving, as explained below.

Main Features:

  • Shaves, shaves and skirts the beard
  • Design designed to fit the contours of the face
  • Easily exchangeable blade


2. Philips MG3711/15


This Philips 3000 Series option is one of the most popular trimmers on the market today, offering tools to trim face, ear and even nose hair so quickly and conveniently.

A benefit that caught my attention in this product was the promise that it does not need maintenance, that is, you will not need to clean the blades and pass a lubricating oil after each use, rinse under the water for efficient cleaning and to prepare the appliance for the next use.

Main Features:

  • 6-in-1 wireless parade
  • Contains charging light to warn you when the battery is fully charged
  • 5 different cutting settings


3. Panasonic ER 389K


This Panasonic shaving model has no wire, charging your battery directly into the outlet. This ensures that you don’t lose the charger and have to go after a replacement or have to load it on a charging base.

Also, its high-precision blade is made of stainless steel and has six different adjustment positions on the machine itself, without the need to attach a guide comb or other prop during your shaving session.

Main Features:

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Six adjustment positions on the machine itself, no guide comb required.
  • Charges directly into the outlet


4. Wahl Rechargeable Groomsman


Wahl’s entry model puts the competition in check because, in addition to having a very affordable price, it has several tools that work in its favour to make it one of the best shavers currently on the market.

Its high-capacity battery can make the device run at full power for more than 80 minutes, with a recharge time of only 12 hours. For comparison, the average is 60 minutes of autonomy for every 16 hours of recharge.

To complete the package, the box also includes an organizer case, a beard and moustache comb, lubricating oil, cleaning brush and four guide combs of different sizes.

Main Features:

  • Contains 3 interchangeable blades
  • Accompanies 3 standard guide combs and 1 adjustable with 6 different levels
  • More than 80 minutes of autonomy


5. Philips Series 1000


If for you the problem of most shavers is the need to have a wire that bothers or a battery that takes hours to charge, then this model may be what you are looking for.

The Philips Series 1000 shaver works based on AA batteries that can be easily found in any convenience store or local market. Its stainless steel main blade is removable, and the product comes with a second blade, developed with Philips DualCut technology, to make a more precise finish or detailing. It is a phenomenal product for a surprisingly low price.

Main Features:

  • Designed to make contours more precisely.
  • Comes with a DualCut blade for more accurate cuts
  • No charger, it runs to the battery.


6. Philips BT1209/15


The simple design of this razor hides a product of the highest technology and with the quality that only Philips can offer. The blades of this shave are positioned so that its wires “hit” each other while it is on, ensuring a beard with the proper cut while the blades sharpen each other.

Another great advantage is in your charger, which in addition to bolt connects to the feeder via a simple USB cable, making even if you lose or have some problem with the charger, you can easily replace it with other electronic chargers that you have at home.

Main Features:

  • Self-sharpening blades
  • USB charger


7. Enox ShaveMan Trimmer


Simplicity may be rather the best option, especially when it comes accompanied by a quality product and with such an attractive price. Inbox Trimmer is the cheapest shaving on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a high-quality product.

The convenience that the product brings already begins with the fact that it does not need wire or charger, because its power is provided by two AAA batteries that are placed on the back of the device.

Also, despite only having a single guide comb, it is adjustable and can take seven different positions according to your needs.

Main Features:

  • Steel blade
  • Adjustable guide comb with seven different positions
  • Works based on AAA batteries


8. Mallory Mithos Cordless Premium


This machine has quality blades and a durable battery, but what stands out in it are its accessories and extra functions. In addition to the classic cutting and paring functions, there is also an extra specific function to sharpen the wires, allowing differentiated cuts even without being a professional or knowing specific techniques.

Next to the sidebar, you will receive an exclusive suitcase from Mallory, gorgeous, say in passing, including a cleaning comb, oil for the maintenance of the blades, a comb and two different guide combs.

Main Features:

  • Contains 2 guide combs and 3 levels of blade adjustments
  • One-hour autonomy and quick recharge
  • Includes shred function


9. Mondial NBE-01


The Classic shaving from Mondial is the most suitable for those looking for a close and well-defined beard, thanks to its double blades divided into three parts, which makes the cutting of this appliance much faster and more precise, without giving up comfort and practicality.

Most of the hairs that would accumulate on the blades are instead stored in a collector compartment specifically designed to facilitate the process of washing and cleaning the appliance so that you spend as little time as possible performing the maintenance of the shaving after finishing its cutting.

Main Features:

  • It has three double blades.
  • Dirt is accumulated in a removable compartment and easily washable.
  • Superfast rechargeable battery


10. Vertix Professional X8200


If you’re looking for a beard sider that’s light, quiet, compact, yet very powerful, this is the model you’re looking for. The Vertix X8200 features a comb with five different levels of adjustments, promoting greater versatility in cutting, and also features a super-resistant stainless steel blade.

The icing on the cake is in battery life, which according to the manufacturer lasts twice as many batteries as other side devices, and can work perfectly even after 180 minutes of continuous use.

Main Features:

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Autonomy up to 180 minutes
  • Super light and quiet


How to shave properly

Having a beard of respect and beautiful requires work, effort and care. No matter the size of your beard or the style you like to maintain, it is necessary to shave to keep the current design of the beard, in addition to making it more beautiful, uniform and achieve the look you seek. Shaving should become part of every man’s routine, whether he wants to be a lumberjack, have a moustache worthy of mafia classics or just an “unmade” beard.

Hydrate your beard and leave it soft

Have you noticed how in almost all barbershops they use towels wet with hot water before they start cutting their beard? It’s no accident. The heat opens your hair pores, and moisture hydrates your beard, leaving it softer and ready to receive the cut, making even a blind blade can cut without much effort even a thicker thread.

Also, when your beard is hydrated and well cared for, it looks more beautiful and looks healthy, giving you a better idea of how it will look after cutting. Therefore, the ideal time to shave is after a hot bath, which fulfils the same function of towels in barbershops.

Comb or brush your beard

Combing or brushing your beard, if it is too large and thick, is an essential task that often ends up being neglected in the routine of most men. But this activity becomes even more important when it comes to shaving because in addition to untangle the knots that form naturally over the days; you will be able to see more clearly the inconsistencies in your beard after combed or brushed.

When choosing the comb, consider your type of beard. The bigger the beard, the longer the teeth have to be. The thicker, the farther away from each other they have to be. When the beard is too large and too thick, then the brush becomes the best option.

When you start combing, you have an excellent tip to help you: start combing against the wires, from the bottom up, as this will cause you to place the teeth of the comb directly inside the knots and embarrassments, giving volume and spreading the wires well. Then comb in favour of the wires, from top to bottom, to reset the drawing and analyze the individual length of the wires.

Reduce volume

This is where things start to change a little bit. The first step is to decide what volume you are looking for: do you want a fuller beard or closer to the skin? After deciding this, place the cutting guide according to the desired volume and start shaving.

For the design to be in fact suitable, pass the shaving against the wires, from the bottom up, while with the other hand you stretch your skin, making you actually reach the desired volume.

Finally, an important point to consider here is what the numbers in the cut-off guides mean. Many people think they are directly related to centimetres, but it’s not always quite like that.

Some devices bring specific measurements, but in others, the numbers represent different levels, not specific distances. To better understand what each level represents when there is no previously specified measure, take a look at this table:



Take this into consideration when setting what level of adjustment you want, to avoid cutting more than you’d like.

Go in parts and gradually.

Remember that once cut, you can’t go back! So it’s best to start slowly and gradually reduce the volume until you reach the look you want. If when you finish shaving your beard is still too large, you can repeat the process. Now if it is too short or too short, you will have to wait for weeks or months until it grows again.

If your beard is higher than the maximum level of the guide comb, it is best to unfit and manually cut the longer tips, always using a comb to bring the wires down again with each pass of the machine. By taking this care, you can be sure that you will not be shaving too much and will be able to maintain uniform size as you reduce it.

Another question that usually arises at this moment is: how to know what the ideal cut line is on the neck? As a rule, the answer is just above your adam’s apple. This will help your beard have a definition, and even if the longer strands that come out of the chin extend beyond that level, this is probably the limit you want new threads growing. Following this method, the beard will grow around your jaw, helping in the definition of the beard and your type of face.

Finally, to give a nice touch to your beard, reduce the volume on your cheeks and neck. This will create a freshly shaved appearance even days or weeks after cutting, helping with maintenance and creating a more beautiful gradient.

Comb your moustache

After reducing the volume, comb your moustache down and use the razor blade to cut the threads that extend over your lips. Although the length of the moustache is something according to the preference of each, it is mostly accepted that a beautiful moustache does not cover the upper lip.

Finish with scissors

Even after all this process, some rebel wires may continue longer or in directions that hinder the desired design. This is the time to pick up scissors and manually eliminate any outlaw that might impair your flawless appearance.

Pass a beard oil

When you finish the above processes, it’s time to pass an aftershave or, better yet, a specific oil to soften, moisturize and make your beard healthier in general. These oils not only help with the appearance of the hair itself but also minimize irritation caused by contact with the blades, making your skin smoother and your hair more resistant.


Conclusion on beard shaving shavings

Knowing all these tips, take a look at our list of the 10 best shavers and decide which one best suits your needs and your pocket. Remember to pay attention to what are the levels available for the guide comb, in the quality of the blade, whether it has a wire or if it is rechargeable and in all other features present.

With the right shaving and the techniques we mentioned above, you’ll be ready to finally set your beard at home, saving you with the barber’s going and being able to better control the length and volume of your beard according to your preferences.

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