Best Vitamin C Tablets in India for Immunity 2021

The taste of ascorbic is familiar to many from childhood. Vitamin C is essential for the health of the body – it has antioxidant properties, strengthens the immune system, participates in improving the functioning of the circulatory, nervous systems, collagen production, and helps absorb many trace elements.

Unfortunately, one of the most popular elements is not produced by the body on its own, coming from outside with products, vitamin complexes, supplements. The drugs created in the laboratory contain the most balanced composition, in which each component enhances the action of each other, allows faster assimilation. Special supplements – an effective preventive measure that allows you to be in good shape at any time of the year.

There are counter-indications. Talk to your doctor.


Top 10 Best Vitamin C Supplements for Immunity


1. Fast&Up Charge- Vitamin C Tablets with Zinc

A well-known manufacturer offers a unique formula. Liquid consistency is easily accepted and digested, has a pleasant aroma and taste. The drug contains a rich set of vitamins, including ascorbic acid, beneficial amino acids, trace elements, fruit and vegetable mixture in powders and extracts. Cranberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, lemon bioflavonoids complex, broccoli, spinach and other components give health to the body every day.

In the reviews, buyers note the good tolerance of the liquid drug, the absence of allergic reactions, the convenient form of the bottle and a large amount of vitamin C (mg), fruit and vegetable mixture (200 mg) in the composition.


2. Bigmuscles Nutrition Natural Vitamin C & Zinc Tablets

A very effective composition of ingredients perfectly affects many organs and systems of the body. The complex contains vitamins A, C, D3, K, folic acid, biotin, trace elements calcium, zinc, selenium and several others. Many buyers choose the drug for inclusion in its formula powerful in its effects fruit and vegetable mixture. Among the components are blueberries, pomegranates, raspberries, asparagus, grapes, pineapple, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.

The supplement is made in the form of tablets, which have optimal sizes for taking. The effect of vivacity, a surge of forces is indicated among the main advantages of many buyers. If necessary, you can buy 4 cans at a discount.


3. Eucee Vitamin C Chewable Tablets

In a bright, colourful plastic jar are chewing tablets rich in taste and pleasant aftertaste. The formula is designed to enrich the body with high-quality components that have an antioxidant effect, participate in the normalization of metabolism, positively affect the musculoskeletal apparatus.

The formula includes vitamins A, C, D and E and other healthy sources. 6 vitamins represent group B alone! The drug does not contain gluten, but it contains sugar (3 grams), which should be considered when choosing people with diabetes. The product has been tested in the laboratory and recommended for sale.


4. Now Foods, C-1000

The supplement is designed primarily for the antioxidant effect and strengthening of the immune system. The capsules are in a comfortable plastic jar, put in a bag, luggage and taken with you on the road. Only 1 pill is enough to saturate the body with vitamin C.

Also, the composition includes a citrus bioflavonoid complex and routine in the form of powder. Bioflavonoids contribute to the accelerated absorption of other components. The drug perfectly affects the formation of collagen, participates in metabolism. Each component is presented in a saturated concentration, so covers the daily need for useful substances.


5. Himalayan Organics Organic- Vitamin C.

A well-known brand presents an interesting formula. The main component of the drug – vitamin C – is in 1000 mg, so its participation in vital processes for the body is effective. In addition to it, the composition contains bioflavonoids of lemon, orange, grapefruit and hesperidin concentrate. Such a complex is very productive. It can be consumed throughout the year.

In reviews among the advantages of the product consumers call it a soft, but long-lasting effect, good portability. The tablets are not the smallest in size, so when taken, they can be broken. The price of iHerb is for a bottle of 60 tablets.


6. Healthvit C-Vitan-Z Natural Vitamin C 500mg and Zinc

One of the complexes popular on Eicherb rightly earned its place in the ranking. It has received many positive reviews for its balanced composition, good tolerance, a large volume of packaging and the desired result. The formula of health and beauty includes a whole complex of vitamins; only C comes in 200 mg. Here also there is biotin, choline, calcium, zinc, selenium and other useful components.

Of particular importance is the presence of citrus bioflavonoid complex in powder, bee pollen, royal jelly, and red raspberries. These ingredients improve the effect of vitamin and mineral complex, saturate the body with nutrients, accelerate metabolism.


7. Carbamide Forte Chelated Iron with Vitamin C, B12, Folic Acid & Zinc

Although the supplement contains only 2 components, it is very effective, perfectly affects the immune system and the metabolic process. It contains 200 mg of vitamin C, which is involved in many useful processes occurring every second in the body.

Thanks to the powder echinacea magenta in the complex preserved all the healing properties of the plant. Such a tandem is excellent to take in the cold season, with a decline of forces, strenuous mental activity, as evidenced by buyers’ feedback. Significantly, the complex does not contain gluten, sugar, yeast, soy, artificial preservatives and dyes. The plant-derived capsule quickly dissolves in the gastrointestinal tract without causing stomach irritation.


8. Doctor’S Best Vitamin C 1000 Mg

The supplement is one of the most sought-after on iHerb. This is facilitated by useful composition, high-quality components, good price, and constant presence on the store’s online shelf. The complex consists of a whole list of effective vitamins, trace elements, amino acids. Only the “energy engine” C is present in the amount of 300 mg. This is enough to run a powerful antioxidant mechanism, normalize metabolism, and improve the cartilage, joints.

The rest of the components are also not auxiliary. They positively affect almost all body systems, not allowing its failures, protecting against colds and imbalances.


9. Naturyz Double Strength Natural Vitamin C & Zinc Supplement

The complex is great for all groups of the population, but it is necessary to consider individual portability. This is one of the proven tools on Icherb, which pleases many buyers with its effective formula, convenient size of tablets, and balanced composition. The drug is also suitable for vegans, vegetarians.

The main active substances are in optimal dosage vitamins, including C. In combination with selenium, zinc, magnesium, chromium and other trace elements the effect is enhanced. The supplement has been laboratory tested and certified by cGMP.


10. Purna Natural Orange Vitamin C & Zinc Vegetarian Gummies

Although it is not a liquid drug, its consistency was appreciated by many consumers. They claim that taking small-sized tablets is comfortable; they have a safe shape, quickly dissolve. The composition is also well received. It contains a large number of useful vitamins and minerals. There are a whole group B set and a powerful antioxidant C combined with E, A, D2. The micronutrients included in the formula accelerate and enhance the effect of the vitamin complex.

iHerb shoppers regularly order this vegan product, which is certified by the Vegan Society. Their advantages include the lack of animal ingredients, dairy components, soy, shellfish, yeast, eggs.


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