5 Best Water Heaters In India 2021

In winter, and even on normal mornings, water from the shower usually comes out cold. At that very moment, we want to have the best water heater to enjoy a relaxing bath without desperate jumps to try in some strange way to get rid of the chill caused.

These products can be purchased at a really affordable and economical price in today’s market, characterized by high competition and a wide variety of existing brands. However, this machine is not only a system to raise the temperature of the vital liquid. Still, it must also incorporate high-quality standards to prevent gas leakage that may end in major inconveniences.

To provide greater safety, and a greater guarantee of comfort and proper functioning we have carried out interesting research that deals with the highest points at the time of making such an acquisition; Besides, we have made a compilation of models for different budgets and thus allow you to bring home that heater that you crave so much in the cold Spanish mornings. Read on and check out what we’ve decided to bring for you today.


What is the best water heater?

A product of such magnitude can represent a headache if it is not purchased from recognized companies with a long history in the field. But if you are not experienced in the area of such products, we have made a comparative list covering the top five models currently available to be purchased, without representing a waste of money, and that also provides durability and safety for you and your family.

Besides, we have incorporated an informative guide that will complement our well-made review of these devices so that you have an idea of how they work, and what standards you must have to achieve the right, optimal and desired satisfaction.


5 Best Water Heaters In India 2021

MiniMaxx Junkers butane gas indoor water heater

MiniMaxx Junkers butane gas indoor water heater

We will not tire of repeating it, caution, first and foremost say. For this reason, this manufacturing company committed to the development of products of the highest quality has decided to incorporate a gas outlet regulator to prevent any leakage that may lead to a fire.

Besides, to help you reduce your vile expenses, this machine has an intelligent system that controls and measures the water level and its flow rate to optimize its use. It integrates, in the same way, an LED screen where you can know how the product is performing.


Ariston 11lt Fast Evo B butane gas thermo automatic water heater

Ariston 11lt Fast Evo B butane gas thermo automatic water heater

The high-end thermoelectric technology has been integrated into this machine to provide an automatic service that allows keeping the levels regulated and always safe.

Similarly, these dream features can be completely yours for a price you couldn’t believe. It operates with a minimum water pressure of 0.1 bar and also has flame, smoke and fire sensors to care for people living in and around your home.


GLP Gas Heater (Butane/Propane) ACB 10 Liters

GLP Gas Heater (Butane Propane) ACB 10 Liters

We generally expect to receive what we pay for and that their strength and durability are as adequate and optimal as possible.

This brand knows, and guarantees installation with qualified personnel to avoid any unforeseen events, they will know how to perform the respective installation of the gas pipes, and also the most appropriate place for this purpose. All this you will get at a really affordable and low price, with several points below your competition.


Teka – Ewh80 Electric Thermos

Teka - Ewh80 Electric Thermos

With this interesting device, you will be able to achieve a flow of fluidity of 10 litres per minute, a really appropriate and optimal amount for a relaxing and delicious bath. Its purchase value is a few points below the stock indices of the current market.

It has atmospheric combustion, and technical professionals in the area must make its installation. Applied technology integrates a digital display to understand the current performance of the product.


Cointra Godesia 2331 indoor heater

Cointra Godesia 2331 indoor heater

The ignition of this device is done through batteries electronically; it has a manual power regulator ranging from 50% to 100%. To make flame regulation more optimal, this company has integrated that this control is performed through ionization.

Besides, it has a gas evaporation control device; it is also ideal for apartments or small homes due to its adequate size. Its delicate white colour will bring sophistication and a little simple luxury to your home, all for a price that will knock your mouth out.


Why buy a water heater?

If you’re noticing that hot water runs out quickly while you’re bathing, or it’s taking a while to get the right temperature, then I think it’s time to think about buying a new heater. Besides, many of these products oxidize or corrode over time, which can lead to costly filtrations to fix, not to mention all the damage in the surrounding area.

When you choose one of these products, you want to get the one that is large enough to handle multiple sources of consuming itself simultaneously.

Considering that people shower while also using a washing machine, dishwasher, and sinks, it can be easy to decrease the flow capacity of your heater quickly, and no one, especially the person taking a shower wants a sudden jet of ice water.


What is its interior operation like?

The electrical tanks of these appliances use one or two heated appliances, either one at the end or two at different levels that stick to the inner sides of the tank, extending into the liquid. The best product offers what is called dry fire protection, which means that the upper heating element can detect if it is surrounded by water, and if not, it turns off the heat to prevent the unit from burning.

Gas equipment is equipped with a stove and a pilot flame at the bottom and a fireplace that extends through the liquid in the tank. Some of these devices have a spiral that keeps gas combustion along with the tank, which provides high heating efficiency.

These also include an audio bar, and even sometimes two. These metal bars undergo a chemical process and begin to rust and deteriorate to stop corrosion in your tank.

The tank a long tube inside it goes from the top to almost the end and circulates the cold liquid that enters the device into the heating apparatus. If everything goes as planned, only hot water will come out when you turn on the heater. However, if this tube breaks, cold water entering the machine would quickly come out to the outside of the tank without being heated.


What considerations should be made before purchase?

The water supply your heater should cover is based on the number of people living at home, as well as the average use of vital fluid in the home. For an approximate number of four people per house, the tank should have the capacity to store 50 gallons.

But if you have a larger family or a home where a large number of hot water is needed regularly, you’ll probably need to consider a tank with more capacity than just 50 gallons. There are models with even 100 gallons available on the market and made from popular companies. For smaller families, or places where only one couple lives, there are in turn models with capacity for only 10 gallons.

These products typically last from 8 to 12 years, although some sellers say 10 years is the maximum. Others insist that natural gas heaters have a shorter lifespan of six to eight years. There is no consensus on this because many factors come into play, including the quality of the heater you buy, maintenance issues and water quality in your area.

These products come with limited warranties of three years or more in parts, but the best option to buy will offer a long warranty of 9 to 12 years because this machine is a substantial investment for your home and the people in it.


Installation: Should you or a professional do it?

All owner’s manuals that come with these products give detailed instructions for installation. If you’re exceptionally skilled at DIY work, you could install it yourself. However, because you’ll be working with natural gas or electrical connections, there’s always the possibility of danger and errors.

Professional installers know exactly what to do and how to do it correctly because they are trained and licensed to do this job and know how to get the device up and running safely.


Consider the ability

Most of these products are sold based on how many gallons they can cover. A family of four, per instance, could take multiple showers, wash dishes, and wash clothes once or twice on an average day, for a total of up to 100 gallons of hot water or more. But that doesn’t mean they need a tank of such magnitude.

It is more important to consider the speed of the first one for the storage tank of these devices and the number of gallons per minute because that will tell you how much hot water the product can deliver in a period of time, for example, the first hour.

After that, depending on how quickly you’re using hot water, it could either become less hot or actually cold. It could then take a certain amount of time (variable by model and capacity) to return to its full capacity. A technician might help you figure out how much capacity you’ll need.

It’s important to know that newly manufactured products won’t fit where your old product was. Due to increased thermal insulation and other efficiency improvements, some new devices may be larger or higher than you had before.


Types of heaters

Depending on how much water you use, and how you’re heating the vital liquid (gas, oil, or electricity), there are different options. Some models say cut energy costs even more than half compared to regular models. But its added features and costs could mean that your investment will take a while to be seen.


Heater with storage tank

They are the most common types of these products. As the name says, these consist of an insulated tank where the vital liquid is heated and stored until needed then emerges from a faucet at the top of the appliance.

There are also temperature and pressure release valves which are open if there is an excess in the level. Natural gas typically uses less energy and costs less than electric ones, although you should know that they cost more at the time of purchase.


Tankless heaters

Without storing water, these water-free products use heating coils to heat water as you need it they are more efficient than a storage-tank, but they provide only a limited flow of hot water per minute, about 3.5 gallons.

They are ideal for those who typically don’t use water for two things at once, such as taking a shower and washing dishes simultaneously. These models are best for households that use natural gas to heat vital liquid; electric models may need a higher level of household electrical capacity.



These capture heat from the air and transfer it to the water. They use 60% less energy than electric heaters (approximately). And although they cost more than only electric models, their installation is similar, and the return on investment is short. However, they do not work very well in icy places and need to be put in an area that is maintained from 4.4 to 32 degrees Celsius.

And because the heat is on top, a hybrid product needs as much as  feet high from floor to ceiling. You’ll also need 1,000 cubic feet of uns cooled space to capture enough heat from the air.


Solar heater

A sun panelled roof absorbs heat from the sun and transfers them and anti-cooling fluid into a closed-loop system that goes to the tank. Stellar delivery to save in summer, making them attractive for heat, hot regions. But these savings suffer on cold, cloudy days. Most of these models use a memory system when needed.



They are an option if you heat with gas and need a unit with a capacity of more than 55 gallons. These models have a conventional heater-like system, but capture exhausted gases that would normally go outside, which expends energy. These gases are blown through a spiral at the base of the unit, where the incoming cold can absorb most of the heat.


Fuel source

What kind of fuel source do you have at home? Below we will list the differences between electric, propane gas and hybrid fuel.


  • Use one or two replaceable heating elements to heat.
  • Less expensive than other guys.
  • Variety of high-efficiency options available.
  • Size varies from 28 to 100 gallons.

Gas or propane

  • Use a heater to do the healing process.
  • He needs air circulation around him.
  • You cannot store fuel materials.
  • More expensive than electric ones.
  • More vigorously efficient than electric ones.
  • The size varies from 30 to 100 gallons.


  • Use air energy to heat water.
  • You can use the outside air or the air in the room where it is stored.
  • Available with integrated tanks or add one to existing tanks.
  • Bigger than standards.
  • More expensive at first payment.
  • More energy-efficient, resulting in much lower bills.
  • The size varies from 50 to 80 gallons.



If your space does not accommodate a standard product, there are some alternatives. They provide the same level of performance and will operate electrically or gas-based (propane or natural)

Comfortable or small

These units are smaller and wider than a normal one, allowing them to have the same amount of water as their larger counterparts while adjusting in limited rooms, such as spaces under the cabinets. These range from 30 to 40 inches and can store up to 50 gallons of water.

  • High

They range from 50 to 76 inches and can have up to 100 gallons of water. They are ideal for garages where size is not an inconvenience.



There are many accessories available to improve safety and efficiency in your machine.

Expansive tanks

These are added to the device. They are designed to store an extra volume of liquid that can be produced when the cold substance is heated in the tank.


They are wired inside the electrical unit supplement and can be adjusted so that the product only eats electricity at specific times. You can cut off power and save money to use the heater when needed.

They go on the floor, or the next side of the product. If the heater filters or has increased fluids, the alarm will emit audio to alert the homeowner that there is a problem.


They are specially made to go over the unit and increase the thermal insulation ability of the product. These carpets are best for products that are located in parking lots or other non-hot places.


They go under the heater to collect water from leaks or over fluxed by excess pressure in the tank. The punt has an opening next to it to drain.


They lift gas units away from the ground and reduce the risk of fire in case any flammable liquid is sprayed nearby.


Features to consider


Coverage for most of these heaters typically ranges from 3 to 12 years. While you’ll usually pay a little more for more durable warranty models, we’ve found that they tend to have larger elements or heaters that can increase the speed of water heating and thicken thermal insulation to reduce heat loss. Choose a model with the longest warranty available.

Anti-scale devices

Some brands have characteristics that are supposed to reduce the construction of the mineral scale at the bottom of the tank by turning the water. While scales can shorten the life of heating elements, you don’t need to invest in eccentric capabilities to extend the life of your product. Just try to get one with a 12-year warranty, which usually includes thicker or longer items.

Brass vs Plastic Drain Valves

They are located near the base of the heater for a garden hose for draining the heater. Decide better for brass drain valves which are more durable than plastic.

Digital displays

Helps monitor levels and customize operation. Some electrical or hybrid products let you adjust a vacation mode that optimizes your machine’s efficiency when you’re away.

You know which one to choose, and why to do it; our products are eco-friendly and ultra-efficient, which allow you to have a shower with hot water instantly at meagre prices.

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