Best Water Purifier in India 2021

Have you ever wondered, What is the best water purifier? We also and is the theme that we will touch today.

Yes, there are best water filters than others, it is obvious, but to choose a good system also depends on your needs and the budget you want to allocate. That is, if, to drink better quality water, it is logical that it has to be a team with warranties and certifications.

Our goal is that you have good information, to know which type of water filter you need or which is more suited to your preferences, in this comparison of water filters.

Let’s see the best features and the price of each one. Also, we will show you the differences between them and also where you can buy.

We will be thorough with the advantages, disadvantages, and missing in each product. Not always the most expensive offers the best quality of water, in this comparison, you will notice all the variety and the different qualities of a great range of water filters. We look forward to your comments to see if the comparison of water filters it has served help.


How To Buy Best Water Purifier in India

A long time ago we were doing a lot of research about water filters and their different uses; to shower, to drink, to wash and even for making juices, tea, coffee, cooking, etc. This to yourself brings many benefits to our health, both in our body and in our skin.

In this comparative water filters we’re going to see enough details of the best 22 water purifiers in India in different sections; purifiers, ionizers/ozone/trans, reverse osmosis, pitchers and filters for showers. It is not easy to make a small selection, but these we believe are the best water filters in each category. What factors will we take into account for this comparison?


We will not show a product that is going to break a month of use. In this comparison, you’ll see devices and equipment that can last up to 20 years or more of useful life. However, it depends in many cases on the maintenance and how to take care, not all are as reliable and robust… And not all give you the same quality of water, which is what really matters.

Your filtering process

We’re going to find with activated carbon, KDF55 and even calcium sulphite. This is because some companies tend to adapt their product to different filtering processes. The most popular is the activated charcoal, but we will see many other alternatives, can be better than the active charcoal?

Type of savings

Many water filters are electrical and do not even have energy savings. However, there are a couple of them that are in our comparison thanks to other features. It is also essential in some products, the type of energy-saving and water, especially this last makes some teams unviable and unsustainable for the environment… and your pocket.


Additional to the quality, you have to have very in account the certifications. There are different certifications for water filters; NSF, WQA, CE, IECEE and SIRIM. These are some of the certifications that we will see in some of the products in this comparison of water filters. Needless to say that the more certifications, the better the product, that is obvious. We are going to see which gather more.


Certainly, there are water filters more technologically advanced than others. Among the technologies featured we see; laser technology, ultraviolet light, wireless communication, free from apps, MicroFlow, among others. This depends a lot on the manufacturer and the associations they have with other companies. There are some that really worth to buy for its technology and quality/price ratio.

This comparison of water filters we have organized in 5 sections. Each of them has 4-5 high-quality products are chosen according to the above-mentioned characteristics. We did not have in mind much the price, as it depends on a budget of each person to buy a product if you can be sure that there are several alternatives which are quality products.


Best Water Purifier in India

The water purifiers do the function of a water filter. But not only as a water filter but as the best water purifier system there is. Also, it has many advantages, such as eliminating the bad smell and the bad taste of the water. Greatly improving their quality and avoid getting sick by drinking water that may be contaminated.


Eureka Forbes Aquasure water purifier

In this comparative purifier, Eureka Forbes Aquasure could not miss. With more than 100 global patents, this technology Eureka Forbes Aquasure this in-home water purifier makes it incredible. The best between quality and price in the market in addition to international certifications. This water purifier even removes more than 140 contaminants, something unique in all of them. The manufacturer carries more than 20 years of research about the safety of water; let’s see why it is so extraordinary.


Our water purifier has the most outstanding features in the market. This technology Eureka Forbes Aquasure, without doubt, has given a revolution to the world of the purifying, let’s see;

  • Technology high range. An account with activated charcoal, compressed natural UV light, smart-chip and system of electronic monitoring.
  • Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and debris in the water. Improving the quality, the taste and smell of drinking water.
  • Wireless power high range, transmitting electricity through the air, water and plastic components without electrical connections of contact to illuminate the UV lamp of the unit.
  • Certifications at the international level. 4 certified by the NSF and a gold seal of WQA. A lot of quality in a single product.

“It is wonderful that in a single purchase you get a kit to connect it to the faucet quickly and purify the water instantly. What to buy for my office, to my home and give one to my parents, is really wonderful, and their technology is amazing.”


Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Water purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard is one of the most recognized brands. This debugger and ionizer home, it is too advanced for some simple purifiers. For water purification, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard uses an electrolysis process and an active carbon filter. Best of all are their 8 levels of pH, to satisfy any use and need of the purified water. Not to mention that all its components are of the highest quality.


This water purifier is truly amazing and recommended to any who can obtain it. Best of all is that with their processes, you will always keep care of any bacteria. Let’s see its most important features;

  • The purifier can filter, cleanse, alkalize and ionize the water—all with the same process within the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard.
  • Membranes of ceramics, active carbon filter combined and include a filter of 10,000 Lt.
  • Advanced Software, a system for eco-Risparmio idrico and high-definition touch screen.
  • Modern, minimalist design. You can easily install in any area within the kitchen according to the instructions.

“Even though it is somewhat expensive, this water purifier Eureka Forbes Aquaguard is one of the most technologically advanced. Many families have tried it, if it were not for such high price, was really affordable for many people, it would make much more commercial and would be located in a top of sales.”


Kent Maxx Water purifier

The purifier Kent Maxx 4L is really impressive for our home. Weighing just 6.3 kg and includes high-quality components for long life. In addition to its easy-to-use, and a steam chamber that makes it really effective. One of the most prominent in this comparative water filters.


Really the Kent Maxx has high features which makes it very favourable. That is why I recommend and emphasize its most important features;

  • It is capable of producing up to 4 Lt in a single time. It is large enough and will be very prominent in your kitchen.
  • Long useful life, the tube of electronic heating is made of aluminium and its steam chamber made of stainless steel.
  • When you remove all of the waste chemicals and any debris from the water, remains soft and silky. Note: do not drink water from the first batch.
  • The whole process distils the water fund, compared to that of other purified. It can take up to 4 hours, but 100% purified.

“This is the most economical and cannot compete really with the high quality of the other water purifiers. However, thanks to its low cost are chosen as the preferred option of Amazon because it is considered as the best at the best price as it purifies the water significantly.”


Water purifier Hanchen Lf600e

This purifier Lf600e is machinery imported directly from Japan with a higher quality recognized. Not only his physical appearance is nice, but its components. Note the titanium plates Gold electrode and its active carbon filter antibacterial silver. Simply a work of art manufactured and imported from Japan, so easy to use; you’re not going to believe.


This great purifier with an LCD panel to automate the options is really amazing. It weighs just 4.2 kg and is a real machine, in addition to 120000l about 2 years. Without a doubt had to be in this comparative water filters.

  • The function of electrolysis as a purification process. A function continues to maintain 100% purified water.
  • System of regulation to control the hardness of the water quality. This system is more recognised as a TDS.
  • Integration in the debug filters special, Deep. This feature increases the quality of the purification.
  • Long life-span, plate electrode made of titanium. Its duration is of 15 – 20 years, imported from Japan.

“This purifier is really spectacular, but not everyone can have it, and that’s what makes it go down a little recognition. What is important in this purifier are all of your systems and its gold colour which makes it very friendly for any area, I have it in the kitchen and shines incredibly.”

Comparison table

All have features and benefits that make it unique in the market. We can say that Eureka Forbes Aquasure is the best option in terms of quality/price. But if you want something very durable and have a lot of power, the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard, and the If600e, you truly are a machine of power, quality and lifetime, that’s why their cost is so high.


In this comparative water filters, we can realize that you do not need the higher price to be the best. Eureka Forbes Aquasure is the best choice that we recommend, in addition to being able to get a discount, it has the best balance of price/quality. Not to mention all of the features of critical and advanced technology. Weighs less, wireless technology, certificate of quality, UV light, pH neutral, all that is needed. You can also opt for a cheaper version as the Kent Maxx for less than ₹100 EUR. But you know the discount by contacting us and get the best price on the Eureka Forbes Aquasure.

Best RO in India

One of the great features of the reverse osmosis is the use of an inner membrane. Next to pressure, they make the perfect function of purifying the water, a fairly advanced technology. Certainly, it depends on the manufacturer how advanced your product is. Us what we try to do now is to recommend you the best water filters with reverse osmosis. We’re going to give 5 products, and you can choose the one you like the most and suits your needs. This is a comparative water filter reverse osmosis.

Kent RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Purifier 

In this comparative water filters reverse osmosis we have the Kent RO Water Purifier. There are a couple of features that we can highlight this water filter that ensures you enjoy nature in the water.


The features of this device considerably increase the quality of the water. This product will greatly improve the taste and smell of our water.

  • Touch Panel to optimize filtering options and filter selection. An LCD panel is straightforward and easy to use.
  • Drinking water 100% natural guaranteed, with 5 stages to maximize the quality of the water.
  • The main cycle of reverse osmosis without any kind of alteration in the process. In addition to having filters without chemicals.

“What impresses me most about this water filter is its design so perfect and adaptable to any area of my house. But there is much more amazing of this filter, and it is the handling of high temperatures and its 5 stages of filtration. By almost ₹10000 INR it’s worth the effort.”


HUL Pureit RO+MF Water Purifier

This water filter is of high range and is found with many certifications; WQA, CE, IECEE and SIRIM. This means that we have a high-quality product with impressive features. With a quality of water that we are going to notice instantly.


The HUL Pureit RO+MF Water Purifier is found in this comparative water filters for your features. Also includes ultraviolet light, although the companies Asian don’t stand out so much.

  • 5 filters of high-end to remove all the bacteria and waste chemicals.
  • Double water level for the filter, and avoid an overflow of the water.
  • It is 100% environmentally friendly, does not need electricity, also saving energy.

“What I liked most of the HUL Pureit RO+MF Water Purifier is all that I have saved on water and also on electricity. Its design is exquisite, and certifications made me trust him, but my bills have gone down a lot since I have been using this water filter.”


HUL Pureit RO Water Purifier

We also bring the HUL Pureit RO Water Purifier this comparative water filters. A powerful water filter that is in the top 10 of sales in EE. UU. We will see how it improves our water with this filter under the sink.


This water filter is recognized globally for its potential in the technology of the reverse osmosis. With unique features to know the HUL Pureit RO+MF Water Purifier;

  • 6 stages of filtering, unique, and therefore so powerful water filter with reverse osmosis.
  • It eliminates chemical waste and balances the pH, thereby minimizing the fluctuations in our body.
  • Removes up to 99.99% of waste, TDS, arsenic, contaminants, sodium and many more.

“It wouldn’t change the iSpring for anything in the world. I think that is the best way of having quality water in the home. The only thing that worries me is that the mounting is complex and the spare parts I have noticed something costly. However, it is one of the best water filters I have had in my home.”


Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

This product Eureka Forbes has earned a place in our comparative water filters reverse osmosis. Contains all the features of a water filter of the high range and it is also economical.


In addition to the 75 gallons per day, this water filter you can install another type of membrane to expand it even to 100 gallons per day. That is only a positive point, let’s see what else;

  • 5 high-quality filters; sediment, granular carbon x2, active carbon and membrane.
  • Perfect shekel of reverse osmosis in 5 stages, all ultra compacted.
  • Self-cleaning of the filter, we don’t have to worry about cleaning it every day.

“Really it seems to me almost perfect; the only negative I see to this product is that the manual does not agree much with your installation. However, I have noticed a great improvement in the quality of the water and terms of my health since I install this water filter, I recommend it, but be more clear with the installation.”


AO Smith Z8 Green RO Water Purifier

AO Smith Z8 Green RO Water Purifier is special because it has a reverse osmosis system that operates without a pump. We can highlight it even for easy installation and easy adaptability to small spaces. We also have to take into account the minimum pressure (2.5 bar) and maximum pressure (5.5 bar) before you buy it.


In this comparative water filters, we have a product Iranian, with many years bringing quality to the market. Easy setup, great connection and filters encapsulated, are some of the many features that it has.

  • Compact, minimalistic design, everything is perfectly within the housing.
  • Reverse osmosis system without the need of a pump.
  • Tank to maintain the water already treated has a capacity of 3.5 Lt.

“I highly recommend this product; it is of high quality, easy installation and the quality of the faucet is really cool. I only took 30min to install it and start to enjoy the taste of bottled drinking water.”

Comparison table

In this comparison, we saw high prices and high-quality products. The only drawback of the filters of reverse osmosis water is its installation. We have noticed that not all of them are happy with it and that spare parts can be expensive, but that it is really worth investing in them because they are great water filters.


We have tested each one of them, and we are left with Kent. The advantage that we can find in this reverse osmosis filter is that it has self-cleaning and has up to 6 stages of filtration. That again proves that no matter how expensive, but the quality. Best of all is that it is a “complete system of filtering”, it comes included absolutely everything, not just the filter. Really the best option among the reverse osmosis.


Best Water Purifier Ionizers/Ozone/Hydrogenated

In this comparative water filters also we’re going to differentiate the filters, ionizers, ozone and hydrogenated. But before I show you the best, let’s see what it is about each one.

  • Ionizers: Is a small device, separator of water in the faucet for two currents. The process uses electrolysis.
  • Ozone: This type of filter relies on a process of ozone to remove any kind of viruses in the water.
  • Hydrogenated: These filters are the best antioxidants for our body, also regulates the pH of the water.

Now the big question, What we buy? Let’s look at each one of them…


Water ionizer RETTIN 5050

If we talk about water ionizers, the RETTIN 5050 is probably the best in our comparative water filters. Even many opinions stand to drink more water thanks to this product. Always keeps the clean water that comes out of the faucet, do their own alkaline water, amazing.


The RETTIN 5050 is found on the comparative water filters for their great features. Automation, self-cleaning, automatic shutoff, certification and much more, let’s see;

  • 100% automated. Set your own source of water connected to the water supply and clean water quickly.
  • “System 2 Filter System”, making use of the block of active carbon and a ceramic filter EM.
  • Self-cleaning automatic. To be automated, it is clean without the need for doing it manually part by part.

“It is the most expensive of the ionizers in this comparison, but the one that really worth paying this cost. If you’re on a budget high, you can buy it and acquire the best quality and lifetime; this ionizer actually has features that stand out.”


Ozonator water Express Panda

Keep the purified water is really important, and if you want to do it directly from the tap, the Express Panda is ideal. In our comparative water filters, we have the Express Panda for their outstanding features. Not to mention that it has an easy installation for the faucet.


The Express Panda has certain features that enhance the easy handling of filter water. This is due to its connection to a water tap to have purified water in moments.

  • Water system makes to accelerate the absorption of oxygen by the body, powered by oxygen and ozone.
  • Easy to install and in almost any faucet. Your purchase includes a myriad of accessories to install in just minutes.
  • Powered by a hydroelectric generator internal, this produces the O2 and O3 to purify the water.
  • Eliminates odours, fights germs, pathogens, and provides a great taste of clean water.

“It seems like a miracle after shots of this water 100% natural, I had many skin problems, and virtually disappeared with the passing of the days. Also, its design is stunning, and its adapters for the faucet are very simple, but I would have liked to connect to the electricity grid.”


Flash drum off of the water Jug and Bottle

This jar and bottle have many advantages when it begins to use. The pitcher holds up to 2,000 ml and the 500 ml bottle. Both help the process to purify the water and make it rich in hydrogen. Best of all is that drinking water rich in hydrogen brings with it many advantages; it reduces acid accumulation, allergic reactions, increases resistance to disease, among others.


In general, the use of the jug and the bottle really brings many benefits to our life. The most important thing, our health, but let’s see what features have this product.

  • High-tech ionizers and hydrogen, creating water that is very rich in hydrogen and clean for our body.
  • The pitcher increases the oxygen and the mineralization, in addition to decreases the ORP and alkalinity.
  • Functions of a notice of completion of cycles in the jar, in addition to LED lighting, Chromotherapy.

“The product is really of quality. I do not doubt them, the best thing of all is that it is super affordable and accessible. Much more economical than other products and I have really felt improvement in the quality and taste of the water from which buy Recommended!”


Bottle of Water from Hydrogen

If you want a bottle to keep your water purified, the Paul03Daisy is the best option. This container keeps the water 100% purified in its packaging, thanks to a process of electrolysis, an internal battery charged by USB while maintaining a high content of hydrogen to purify and enrich the water.


This simple bottle is located in our comparative water filters to be as economical and efficient. This bottle makes you enjoy purified water with just take the water and pressing a button.

  • So electrolysis is only 1 click. With just 3 minutes, the process purifies the water in a single container.
  • Removes all types of impurities with a system called the Water Taste Good, working with an exchange membrane.
  • Ready to purify and enrich hydrogen any type of water and in any place, only place in the container.
  • Equipped with a slot for a USB cable, in this way, make it portable and purify the water when you want it.

“This is the most economical, and it really does not have the same characteristics as an ionizer of ₹1,000 EUR. However, it has characteristics that make it of high quality, even though its cost does not exceed ₹50 EUR. I recommend it to all those who do not have much money to buy a ionize of ₹500 EUR.”

Comparison table

We have 4 options if we notice their differences, going from highest to lowest. First, the cost, the RETTIN 5050 is really impressive, but not so accessible, in change the Express Panda and the Pack of the carafe and the bottle, have features that surpass products that are priced even higher. On the other hand, the bottle is simple, fulfils its basic function and keeps the water very clean.


The water ionizer RETTIN 5050, it can be probably the most expensive, but it meets all expectations. Our comparative water filters are tilted by a filter that actually covers all the desired characteristics for a water ionizer and even more, using the active carbon and the electrolysis process. A good alternative is the Express Panda, and if you want something more personal and portable, the bottle is really efficient. However, we insist on investing in your health with the RETTIN 5050, surprisingly, is amazing how you leave the water clean to enjoy it.


Best Water Purifier Jar in India

There are jars and small filters that can help us in the office, at home or even in a small space. But the pitchers and filters that we’re going to teach today are not common. We bring you this comparative filters water pitchers and filters small-for that you have a quality of water remarkable. All are purifying and incredibly cleaning the water. Do you want to have one? We show you our selection of 5 jars and small filters.


Pitcher BRITA Optimax

A deposit that works like a pitcher is ideal for our comparative water filters. Has removable covers and a pantry large enough for an office. The company filter is MAXTRA.


This deposit type jug as a water filter is very important for our health. Cleanses the water of an unbelievable way, very easy and in a few moments.

  • Includes a faucet coupled to the reservoir to place glass and have the water clean in seconds.
  • An electronic pointer is capable of measuring the time-of-use and notify for the change of filter.
  • Reduces all types of impurities, including chlorine, lime, among others.

“I think of it as the best investment I have made for my health, where I live is not very good the water and really improved a lot the quality of the water after having purchased it. For me, the quality of this product is amazing and for less than ₹100.”


Filter for faucet TAPP 1 WATER

The TAPP 1 is the first generation of TAPP, an industry of water filters with advanced technology. Why is this the TAPP 1 in our comparative water filters? Because it has all the main features of a water filter.


Without a doubt, we can highlight many things of TAPP; its connectivity, filter, advanced technology and easy-to-use. All this and much more we will see in the TAPP 1;

  • It is fully compatible with the measure of standard faucets – 22 mm.
  • Filter all types of contaminants, even up to 5 micrometres, almost 99.99% of effectiveness.
  • You can easily switch between filtered water and unfiltered water; for cooking or drinking.

“I am thrilled with this purchase, I can really recommend it, my house had a lot of debris in the water and once we install the product, disappeared. The only thing I was unclear was the installation, but I once saw a pair of guardian, to install it easily.”


Jug BRITA Elemaris

With a non-slip base, BRITA Elemaris found in our comparative water filters. It is totally suitable for tableware and has 3 key parameters for their success; time-of-use, quality of water and volume of water filtered—a great product designed for the home by BRITA.


BRITA you are guaranteed all the benefits of clean water from your jug BRITA Elemaris; excellent flavour, ideal for cooking, zero-waste, or chemical waste. In addition to connectivity to an app to learn details of the jar today.

  • Technology MicroFlow, this includes the filter MAXTRA.
  • Electronic pointer to the change of the filter.
  • Automatic filling, thanks to that includes a swing top.

“Let you drink water with chlorine taste! From the shop to my house has really changed the taste of all the water. It is a jug fantastic; it’s a purchase which I will never regret. We had the previous model, and it worked very well, but this has left us much more satisfied.”


Jug Aqua Optima

Thanks to the partnership with Evolve, Aqua Optima offers a pack for a year that deserves to be on our comparative water filters. 6 water filters for 1 full year, the indicator can notify by the app.


Aqua Optima shows us a product for just ₹77,9800 INR that we could last a whole year. This pack includes high-tech features and an excellent price ratio quality/price.

  • Easy to fill, has a lid that makes it easy to supply.
  • Indicator built-in to the change of filter every 60 days.
  • Filtering water in 5 stages, all in just seconds.

“I have tried other jars are more expensive and not notice the difference, with this jug I have really noticed the difference and I have started to notice changes in my health. Best of all is that I have a year to use it, and I have only had to buy packs of filters for a year more.”


Filter for faucet JETERY

The water filter for the faucet JETERY is so affordable, and of such high quality, that deserves a place in the comparative water filters. Can be used in the bathroom, the kitchen, laundry room and much more, easy to adapt.


The high flow rate and long service life of this water filter for the faucet make it so special. In addition to an economical cost, in comparison to other water filters.

  • Carbon filter effectively absorbent. It does not require any type of electricity.
  • Connected to and adapted to almost any standard faucet, also combined with the decoration.
  • 3 ways to change the jet which comes out of the faucet; for drinking, cooking or washing clothes.

“What impresses me the most of water filter is that it is so small that you install it costs absolutely nothing. Just install it and notice the difference from tap water and now with this filter. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to invest enough for their health.”

Comparison table

The jars and small filters really stand out for their quality and price. We don’t need to spend ₹10000 INR to have a high-quality product, even with just ₹41,5000 INR you get the Brita Optimax, the recommendation including all the opinions from Amazon. We invite you to invest in them and bring you a great experience.


There really is no other choice for the water filter connected to the faucet as the TAPP 1. In addition to purifying the water, you must take into account that it saves electricity and also a lot of water. Not only cleans but has no leaks and always maintained the pressure of the water to save her. As an alternative, we also recommend the water dispenser BRITA Optimax. This is an indicator of electrical energy for the change of water and also the function of automatic filling. However, in terms of quality/price, TAPP 1 is really spectacular. It is our recommendation for the house.


Best Water Purifier for shower

Imagine to swim to, and receive chemical waste, toxic waste, and everything will fall on your skin. This occurs in many people, and that’s why they are damaging to the hair, they have dark spots on the skin and are not well-hydrates. In our comparative water filters, we’re going to teach you the benefits of having a filter for the shower.

  • Revitalising the body dramatically.
  • Natural well-being.
  • Skin is luminous and very healthy.
  • Improves the condition of hair, nails, skin, among others.

What still hesitating? Think No more. It is for your well-being. Known in our comparative water filters for shower 4 best for your home.


Filter for shower Auelek 10 stages

The first in our comparative water filters is the Auelek 10 stages, a filter for a shower really amazing. Includes many features and functions that make it of high quality; ceramic balls alkaline, PP cotton, calcium sulphite, stainless steel, among others. All these functions do have many advantages for personal care.


If you want to cover all the waste possible, this filter for a shower is essential. Look at all the features that we have mentioned and much more. It is one of the best in terms of quality/price in the market, let’s look at why;

  • The active carbon and KDF-55 working together for a water purification very effective.
  • Very easy to install and replace the current filter. Has an installation and management universal.
  • Includes a mesh to eliminate and prevent all types of particles and turbidity. This mesh is made of stainless steel.

“In my city, there are a lot of calls and take a shower was a problem, but since I install this filter for the shower has really changed the way I bathe, I no longer feel lime residues on my skin after I shower. Also, it is a filter that can last a lifetime if you look after it well.”


Filter for shower Blu Ionic

To improve our experience in the shower and around the home, we recommend a good filter for the shower. In this case, Blu Ionic for a comfortable price gives you all the advantages of a shower with water quality; care of skin, hair, nails, avoid stains on the skin and much more.


With these features we will see below, the Blu Ionic has earned a place in our comparative water filters. You’ll be surprised by all the benefits that it can give you a simple water filter with high technology.

  • Artichoke-in shower, a high-end technology seen in a few filters for the shower.
  • It can save up to 8 Lt per minute. This is due to the complete use of the flow even in low pressure.
  • Filtering of nanoparticles molecular, even much more efficient than the filters KDF55.

“This product has so much quality; it is remarkable the change of the water to take a shower and no longer feel debris in the water. The only drawback for not giving 5 stars is the heavy, almost 1 kg, and the bar on my shower does not support it at all. However, with certain modifications, I have been able to enjoy it very well.”


Filter for Shower Head of a shower for Nosame

The most economical product that we will show in our comparative water filters. This is due to the transparent material environmentally friendly but of high quality. In addition to easy installation on the interface G1, hose standard. For less than ₹1000 INR is the best thing that you are going to find.


The features of this showerhead by Nosame, it is really amazing and economical. Cutting-edge technology, the stones of the bioactive and even systems to save water. Something unique and cheap in the market.

  • Technology laser tip; increases the pressure and makes it very easy to save water.
  • 3 modes easy-to-use, includes the mode, rain, jet and massage. Includes a switch to switch between them.
  • Filtration eco-pure, this is due to the stones bioactive 100% natural. Removes chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and much more.

“It’s amazing to Me that for ₹1000 INR I have got such an excellent product, it is a good head, with good pressure, and surface amazing. In the beginning, I didn’t understand the small balls bioactive, but after enjoying such quality of water, I understood that they are really functional.”


Filter for shower CasaFlow

Cassflow and your filter for shower give you water more pure, soft and 100% clean. They are so sure of this is thanks to its NSF certified KDF, and that is why it is included in the comparative water filters. Complies with all standards NSF177 and replaced the active carbon by KDF55 + calcium sulphite.


Without leakage, with a saving of water and with water 100% clean What do you think? It is only a little bit of everything that offers CasaFlow. An incredible filter for the shower to have it in our house now.

  • Thanks to the calcium sulphite and KDF55, removes 99.99% of chlorine, toxic waste, heavy metals, among others.
  • Extremely durable, up to 51,100 Lt in 6 months. Not to mention that changing the filter takes only 1 minute.
  • Optimal pressure even at temperatures of 60 ºC. It is adaptable also to shower hard water.

“I am thrilled with this water filter for the showers; I absolutely love how it has changed how I shower daily, and since I don’t have lime. Something that is still unstable is the reduction of waste when it is in high temperatures.”

Comparison table

Actually, there are excellent features in these filters for showers. What stands out most is the low cost, we already saw that for ₹1000 INR you could get an excellent product. However, we can increase a little bit our budget and choose a product that is more durable as the Blu Ionic but is a little heavier.


Once more, the most economical is the best option of all. This showerhead works perfectly with high temperatures up to 60 ºC. In addition to the laser technology and their ball bioactive serve a special function to purify the water incredibly. We also have to mention that with less than 300 gr of weight, is easy to install and no chance of it breaking. But if you want another alternative, we recommend the Blu Ionic, since it regulates pressure and saves a lot of water. The only thing that is missing to be perfect is the use of active carbon.



We have seen many types of water filter and how it works. You really have given us a lesson that the most expensive is not the best. We made a special recommendation of the Eureka Forbes Aquasure as a purifier of water, the HUL Pureit RO+MF Water Purifier as reverse osmosis, the RETTIN 5050 as a water ionizer, the TAPP 1 as a filter for the faucet and head for the shower with laser technology. These recommendations were tested and compared by our team in AguaSalud, and it is proven that they are really efficient in both the short and long term. If you have any questions, you can contact us and follow our blog.

And so we conclude with our comparative water filters. 5 sections so you can use the best option that you prefer, you are free to choose from. We will present each option, with its salient features and its cost. Also, remember that this is not the best price, but also choose a product of great quality. There are many benefits to drink purified water, to lose weight by drinking water. But if you still have a couple of questions, and we’ll give you a few small tips for buying a water purifier. Don’t get stuck without one, as it improves your health significantly, and so revitalizes you what You are waiting for are!

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