5 Best Weight Gainers In India 2021

Weight gainers are indispensable if you want to grab MassMass quickly and arrive hard. A weight gainer is a combination of good carbohydrates, the right fats and proteins, with which you can easily increase your calorie intake. Especially for people who are struggling to gain weight and gain muscle mass, weight gainers are suitable. In the Top 5 best weight gainers 2021 you will only find products with the very best proteins, best carbohydrates and other growth promoters!

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Best weight gainer 2021

  1. Mammoth 2500 – Interactive Nutrition
  2. Complex Carb Gainer – XXL Nutrition
  3. Natural Gainer – Power Supplements
  4. Mutant Mass – PVL Nutrients
  5. Mass Perfection – Body & Fitshop

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5 best Weight Gainers in India 2021

Mammoth 2500 – Interactive Nutrition

Mammoth 2500 – Interactive Nutrition

“Mammoth is specifically designed for anyone who struggles to reach MassMass. Not for nothing has Mammoth been chosen 3 years in a row by a very expert jury as Canada’s best Weight Gainer! Mammoth; The name actually says enough: Grow like a Mammoth! Mammoth is ideal for anyone who wants to get heavier.

Power athletes build up more MassMass, while endurance athletes use the proteins to recover and power. Mammoth is perfect for anyone who thinks they are too light or who want to build up extra MassMass.”

Features Mammoth Mass:

  • 50 grams of protein per shake!
  • Only the best quality protein; Whey Protein, Milk Proteins and Egg Proteins.
  • Mega dosage of 152 grams of carbohydrates.
  • The ideal combination of fast and slow carbohydrates.
  • Proper dosage of healthy fats.
  • 625 or 1250 calories per shake, that’s just growing!
  • Lowest price by Voeding-en-fitness.nl

Mammoth 2500 from Interactive Nutrition is ideal for mass building. Mammoth 2500 is ranked 1st in this Top 5 best weight gainers for its delicious taste, good solubility and great value for money. Are you having trouble arriving? Mammoth 2500 is THE weight gainer for you!

Complex Carb Gainer – XXL Nutrition


“Complex Carb Gainer is a unique weight gainer/meal replacement with its high-quality carbohydrate and protein composition at a very competitive price. Many weight gainers are better-called fathers than muscle builders.

Although they contain a lot of calories, they are so substandard that they hardly support muscle growth. They are full of sugars and are mainly an emergency recipe for a belly, swimming bands and extreme blood sugar fluctuations.”

Benefits Complex Carb Gainer:

  • The weight gainer with not a gram of added sugar
  • Arrive responsibly with only complex carbohydrates
  • Impressive increase in weight; muscle mass, minimal fat
  • High protein content from the top three protein sources
  • Good fats for energy and support testosterone production
  • Complete vitamins and minerals support
  • Excellentsolvable, even and no lumps
  • Perfect meal replacement or as an extra during bulk
  • Ultimate weight gainer for dry muscle mass

Complex Carb Gainer of XXL Nutrition is one of the best weight gainers of Dutch descent. This supplement allows for an increase in MassMass in the right way, so without many sugars and saturated fats! Do you go for dry muscle mass? Then Complex Carb Gainer is right for you! Because of the quality and price, you will find Complex Carb Gainer at number 2 in these Top 5 best weight gainers!

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Natural Gainer – Power Supplements

Natural Gainer – Power Supplements

“Natural Gainer is a concentrated food. It is rich in high-quality proteins of mainly whey protein isolate and micellular casein. As a source of complex carbohydrates, Natural Gainer contains rice powder and very finely ground oatmeal. Unique to Natural Gainer is a large amount of real fruit it contains. No less than 50 grams of bananas or 70 grams of strawberries have been processed in a dosage of 100 grams.”

Features Natural Gainer:

  • A concentrated diet with over 26% protein and 57% carbohydrates
  • High-quality protein sources whey protein isolate and micellular casein
  • Complex carbohydrates of oats and rice
  • Flavoured with large quantities of strawberry or banana
  • Rich in various types of natural fibres
  • Free of artificial colours and sweeteners

Natural Gainer from Power Supplements is one of the best weight gainers of the moment. This weight gainer contains only high-quality ingredients, such as rice powder and oatmeal for the complex carbohydrates. The proteins consist of a mix of whey isolate and micellar casein.

With 27% protein and 57% carbohydrate per shake, your body gets what it needs after a heavy workout. Unfortunately, the price is slightly higher compared to the Top 2 in this best weight gainers list, hence the third place for Natural Gainer.

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Mutant Mass – PVL Nutrients

Mutant Mass – PVL Nutrients

“Mutant Mass is the new mass cannon of PVL and the most advanced weight gainer! Mutant MassMass was developed specifically for those athletes with a fast metabolism and or a slim physique. Mutant MassMass contains as many as 1050 “dry mass” calories per daily dosage.

Mutant MassMass, however, is a responsible calorie bomb, the gainer is extremely high in calories, but they are good calories: uplifting proteins, energy-providing carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, dietary fibre, but low sugar.”

Mutant MassMass includes the following characteristics:

  • VEXTRAGO ™ – the carbohydrate with the highest molecular weight
  • ISOSTACK 10™ – A protein supermatrix of no less than 10 different types of protein. This time-release protein mix allows for up to 10 hours of the release of amino acids.
  • LIPOTHERM™ – is a “sports blend” of various essential fatty acids such as flaxseed oil, CLA, MCT and Borage.
  • INTRASORB™ – supports the efficient absorption of all ingredients.
  • 18g Lipotherm™ rich in MCT oil, the well-known short-chain fatty acids.
  • 52000 mg Amino acids
  • An AMAZING formula: 1050 kcal per serving!

Mutant Mass by PVL Nutrients is one of the best weight gainers of the moment. With as much as 1050 kcal per servings, this is ideal for people who are struggling to arrive or can get too few nutrients from their normal diet. For this price, you can’t really leave Mutant Mass! Unfortunately, this shake contains a lot of sugar. Hence this 4th ranking in the Top 5 best weight gainers!


Mass Perfection – Body & Fitshop

Mass Perfection – Body & Fitshop

“Goodbye old fashioned Weight Gainers, here’s MassMass Perfection! Where other Weight Gainers are glorified sugar bombs, Mass Perfection pumps the right ratio of carbohydrates and proteins in each shake. Actually, the term Weight Gainer is also not the correct name or category for Mass Perfection.

Mass Perfection is pure “Super Food” for your body. With every shake you take, you work towards your end goal, you notice that you feel it.”

Benefits Mass Perfection:

  • Unparalleled in mass building
  • Pure quality and you can see that.
  • Only the very best proteins and amino acids!
  • 4 different carbohydrates
  • Virtually free of sugars

Mass Perfection by Body & Fitshop is different in composition from the usual weight gainers. Body and Fitshop have combined the carbohydrates from oatmeal and brown rice with high-quality proteins from different sources.

Mass Perfection is a weight gainer that helps build muscle mass and strength to complement your healthy diet. From experience, I can tell that the taste is fantastic! Mass Perfection is right to find you in these Top 5 best weight gainers!

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What is the best weight gainer?

A good weight gainer helps you responsibly in getting enough nutrients. This is how you stimulate the build-up of muscle mass, which is why weight gainers are often used during bulking. Unfortunately, a lot of junk is sold, with a lot of sugar and a few really high-quality ingredients. In this blog, I described what the best weight gainer ingredients for bulking are.

When buying a weight gain supplement, look closely at the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Also, pay attention to the number of sugars! The preference is for complex carbohydrates. Also, take into account your daily calorie requirements. Do you need a lot of calories? Then a weight gainer like Mammoth Mass can be a good choice. Are you looking for a healthy weight gain shake, with especially complex carbohydrates? Then Complex Carb Gainer of XXL Nutrition is a smarter choice.

The products in our Top 5 best weight gainers offer you a nutritious shake, at a competitive price!

  • A large dose of high-quality protein
  • Good mix of complex carbohydrates and fast sugars for after exercise
  • The right unsaturated fatty acids
  • Dietary fibre to stimulate the action of intestines and absorption of nutrients
  • Possibly extra amino acids and BCAA, such as leucine, to stimulate recovery


What ingredients in weight gainers?

In another blog, we go into more detail about the best weight gainer ingredients. Here we discuss commonly used ingredients, such as oatmeal, corn rice powder, whey protein and micellar casein protein. These carbohydrate and protein sources are used in good weight gainers. Other substances that you often encounter in weight gainers are:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Flaxseed powder
  • Pea, rice and wheat protein (vegan)
  • Sunflower oil
  • Fructose, glucose syrup or isomaltulose
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Taurine
  • Glutamine
  • Cocoa (or other flavourings)
  • Soy lecithin
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Xanthaangom


Weight gainer benefits

As has often been said, supplements are not miracle cures. Weight gainers are also not going to make sure that you magically build up more muscle mass. To become more muscular, you need to train well, eat enough and give your body enough rest to recover. However, a weight gainer can offer several benefits for athletes.

  • Easy way to get extra calories.
  • You can take a shake as a snack or meal replacement.
  • A weight gainer is often cheaper than a fresh and healthy meal.
  • The good distribution between proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.
  • Stimulates the build-up (and recovery) of muscle mass


Who is a weight gainer suitable for?

In principle, anyone who wants to gain weight can use a weight gainer. However, preference is always given to ordinary and healthy foods. Use a weight gainer just as an addition to a healthy diet.

Especially bodybuilders, top athletes and people with a very active job besides their strength sports benefit from a weight gainer. They consume so much energy during their training (and working days) that they want to supplement this easily. For this group of athletes, a weight gainer is very useful to get more calories, protein and carbohydrates.

Do you have a sedentary profession and only go to the gym a few times? Then a weight gainer is probably less useful. Especially when your goal is not to quickly build up more muscle mass; first, in this case, you can get enough nutrients from your normal diet. Secondly, the chances are that by using a weight gainer, you will actually gain fat MassMass because you are too far above your daily calorie consumption.


When not to use a weight gainer?

Because the proteins in weight gainers often come from milk, people with lactose intolerance or cow’s milk allergy should not take weight gainer. Of course, they can use a weight gainer based on vegetable proteins. It is also important to pay attention to these situations:

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight gainers are not recommended. Children should not use these types of supplements either.
  • When using a chronic medication, it is important to always consult with the attending physician in advance.
  • In case of kidney, liver or cardiovascular disease, always consult with the doctor or doctor whether the use of a weight gainer is appropriate.


Best weight gainers test

This Top 5 best weight gainers list is a product of Voeding-en-fitness.nl and is rated by our visitors with a 9.4/10 (514 people). To arrive at this list, we use various sources of information. First, we collect reviews from real users from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Also, we look at independent lab tests to check the quality of brands and products. We combine this with the structural self-testing of supplements to share our own experiences. The result of our research is these Top 5 weight gainers, which are updated monthly.

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