Castor Oil for Hair Loss

One of the most effective means of thinning hair is considered castor oil. It has been used for centuries, and during all this time the tool has not lost its popularity. For the first time castor became used in Russia in the early eighteenth century and was used to strengthen hair and eyelashes, reducing their prolapse and increasing growth. What is so useful castor oil from hair loss?


Castor oil is made from mite seeds. In its composition, the oil consistency is painful and viscous, which is provided with a high content of glycerids. If you compare the castor with sunflower oil, it is 20 times denser.

The color of castor oil can vary from dark brown to almost transparent. The effectiveness of the remedy does not depend on the color. However, the most light oil should be preferred when choosing, as this indicator indicates a high degree of purification.

Its smell is specific, but it is not very unpleasant to call it. Due to the viscosity of the castor does not dry out, but only forms a thin film. This, combined with properties and led to such frequent use of castor in cosmetology.


Composition and properties

The composition of castor oil is entirely composed of fatty acids:

  • ricinal – by 86%;
  • oleinova – by 2%;
  • Linole – by 1;
  • palmitina and stearinova – 0.5%.

The combination of these acids allows to saturate the follicles with nutrients, which stimulates the strengthening of hair growth. The viscosity and traction is due to the high content of ricinous acid. It improves circulation in the vessels of the scalp, promotes the glue of dry scales of the hair rod, thickens the hair. All this helps to strengthen the hair roots.

Other acids are no less useful for the hairline, as it saturate and nourish the hair follicles. Castor oil perfectly fights the appearance and elimination of dandruff, eliminates microorganisms on the skin surface of the head.

Of the drawbacks can be noted only not particularly pleasant smell and somewhat inconvenient to use consistency. Although such small things can be ignored, given the effectiveness of the tool.



When it enters the hair follicle, the castor strengthens it and at the same time activates its activity. This slows down the hair loss and they begin to grow faster. In addition to strengthening the hair roots, castor oil gives the hair volume. This is due to the fact that each hair is covered with invisible film. Due to the alignment of the hair structure, hairs acquire “living” shine and silkiness. They are less confused and easier to stack.

It is able to fight and with some problems of the scalp that contribute to hair loss. So when using this oil is moisturized and nourished the skin surface, eliminates excessive dryness.

The range of properties of castor oil is so extensive that it can be used to combat many problems of hair cover. Its use is advisable even in partial or complete baldness.



To achieve the desired effect, use castor oil against hair loss is necessary for a long time. At a minimum, one procedure is required for one to two months.

It is possible to apply castor both in its pure form and as the main ingredient of strengthening oils.

In its purest form, the castor is used as oil wraps. To do this, the oil is heated in a water bath, applied to the hair roots and scalp, insulated with film and towel, aged for about 1-2 hours. You can leave oil on your hair all night, there will be no harm from it. This mask is washed off with shampoo, to dry the hair preferably naturally, without using a hair dryer.

Castorca-based masks can be supplemented with various components. Basically, as such are used natural biostimulants – pepper, mustard, onion juice. But you can use other products – honey, egg yolks and so on.


Nuances of use

To strengthen the hair is enough simple application of castor oil on the hair. But the effect may not live up to expectations when some nuances are not known:

  • For dry hair, the minimum hair exposure period is 1-2 hours. This time is enough for the oil to be absorbed by the hair cover and all the nutrients to the hair structure. If there is a possibility of longer exposure, it will only improve the result;
  • If the scalp is oily, you only need to apply the castor for 25-30 minutes. With a longer period of exposure, the skin pores may be blocked by oil. This disrupts the oxygen supply to the hair follicles and the hair will begin to fall out even more;
  • To facilitate combing and styling hair after the use of an oil mask, you can apply an air conditioner after washing the head, designed for the oily type of hair cover;
  • the composition of castor oil can be enriched by adding B vitamins, and in order to dissolve them better you need to add a little lemon juice;
  • It is possible to facilitate the application of castor on the curls by adding sunflower or olive oil to it;
  • when making masks with castor oil, you should know that it does not dissolve in water. Therefore, if the recipe indicates the presence of water, you can replace it with alcohol. By the way, the mixture of medical alcohol and castor oil itself is an effective remedy against hair loss.

Recommendations for use

  1. Before the first use of castor oil, you need to conduct a test for individual tolerance. To do this, a small amount of the remedy is applied to the skin of the wrist or to the bend of the elbow. If after an hour no allergic reactions have arisen, you can safely use the castor to restore the hair.
  2. Although ricinoric acid is uniquely beneficial and has virtually no side effects or contraindications, its use is fraught with difficulties. This applies in particular to application and washing away. To facilitate these processes it is advisable to combine castor with such components as alcohol, yolk, lemon juice.
  3. Particularly impressionable ladies can be neglected by castor because of its smell. Even after washing your head, there is a very specific “flavor.” It is very easy to eliminate this effect – adding shampoo or water to wash a little aromamasla.


Features of washing away

Most women who used castor oil against hair loss have difficulty washing it off. Sometimes even after washing the head hair remains oily. From this appearance is very difficult to call them attractive. To wash the castor oil from the hair, you need to follow some simple rules:

  • to wash off the oil composition, you need to use shampoo for oily hair. In this case, you should lather your head several times;
  • Water to wash your head should not be too hot. Many people think that the hotter the water, the better the purification is carried out. In fact, the high temperature increases the work of the sebaceous glands. As a result, the body’s own skin fat is added to the fat layer left over from the oil. The water should be about 36-40 degrees;
  • after washing the oil with shampoo hair should be thoroughly rinsed – first clean water, and then a herbal broth. But decoctions of herbs should be used in dry hair type. If your hair is too oily for rinsing, you can use water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.



The first result after the use of castor oil becomes noticeable after the first procedures. Hair “come to life”, there is a healthy shine, elasticity. Shevelura acquires a greater volume due to the enveloping of hair indistinguishable oil film.

A month later, you can see how much stronger the hair roots have become. Hair almost does not fall out, even with a little sipping. In some cases, if there has been a strong thinning of the hair cover before, there may be a noticeable “hedgehog” of the new hair.

For the full course of treatment, the use of castor oil for three months is necessary. However, it can be used in the future as a preventive measure. Finally, it must be said that castor against hair loss is effective only in case of superficial reasons. If the factors of weakening of hair bulbs are associated with internal causes, then none, even the best, external remedy will not give the desired result.

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