How to Clean a Laptop Fan Without Compressed Air

The laptop’s cooling system consists of aluminium ribbed radiators and fans of different sizes attached to them. First, you need to get to the location of these devices, that is, to disassemble the laptop.

Fixing the back cover of the laptop is a few bolts, different latch and other devices. Before you remove it, you need to find instructions on dismantling. Otherwise, you can break something. If there are no instructions, you need to disassemble the computer very carefully. If you are not sure of your abilities, it is better to immediately contact the centre, which is engaged in the maintenance and repair of laptops.

The cooling system elements are usually located where they are most needed, where heat is most intense and where the temperature is high. To remove the fan, you should first carefully disconnect the power connector and then twist the four cutters, which are traditionally at the corners of the part. The fan’s blades and other parts should be carefully cleaned from the dust with a brush, napkins, or a small soft rug without a pile.

The cooler sometimes makes too much noise, which can mean that it needs lubrication. Special oil is used for this purpose, but it is possible to use the conventional machine in its absence.

Once the cooler is cleaned and smeared, it is the turn of the radiator. It is also necessary to twist the bolts, remove the device and carefully clean it from the dust that usually gathers between the plates. For this purpose, you can use a special computer vacuum cleaner, a thin brush, special napkins and improvised means that do not leave the pile and will not damage the radiator’s edges.


How to replace the thermostat

The thermostat is usually used to cover the top of the CPU lid. Its function is to accelerate heat removal from the device and ensure good contact with the metal radiator, contributing to the processor’s more efficient and faster cooling. Over time, the thermostat dries up and loses its consumer properties.

To remove the thermostat, it is enough to wipe the surface with a dry cloth. After that, you can apply a fresh portion of the protective, for which a brush is enough. It is better to use a brand thermoplastic that is suitable for a particular laptop.


How to choose a new cooler

The fan is cleaned, running, but the sound coming from it has not changed for the better? Or does the fan demonstrate quite the wrong turns that should be? If the cooler does not work properly, it is time to question its replacement. This is not the most expensive device in designing a laptop, but its importance is difficult to overestimate. If there are doubts about the cooler’s health, it is better to buy and install a new one.

Purchasing a new cooler, in addition to geometric characteristics, should pay attention to the following:

  • a high-quality cooler should be bearing, the speed of rotation – at least two thousand, and better three thousand revolutions per minute;
  • The noise level for the cooler is determined in dBA; in a noise device, it should not exceed 35 dBA;
  • the presence of speed control is another characteristic of a high-quality and efficient cooler.

Sometimes other elements of the cooling system need to be replaced. Then it is recommended to buy copper radiators. They are more expensive, but as you know, the thermal conductivity of copper is very high.

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