How to Grow a Beard Faster : Tricks And Useful Tips

Considering how to properly grow a beautiful beard from scratch at home, many men believe that it is enough to put aside the razor and wait until the hair reaches the desired length. However, this is not quite the case. The beard is part of the image, so you always have to remain well-groomed and tidy. You need to follow it correctly at each stage of growth. Only constant care, haircut, maintenance of form will allow them to become a spectacular beard and emphasize the individuality of his style.


How to Start Growing Properly

How to Start Growing Properly

At the initial stage of growth, it is necessary to forget about the razor and properly think through your future image. To find the right style, you can visit the barbershop, but nothing prevents you from doing it yourself. Just go to the mirror and carefully examine your appearance. Telling how to start growing a beard from scratch properly, we note that its shape is selected depending on the oval of the face:

  • Round – looks wide and requires a visual pull. To do this, it is necessary to give up the sideburn and quickly grow a trapezoidal beard.
  • The oval is ideal for growing from scratch. On such a face will look beautiful beard of any shape.
  • Triangular – has an elongated chin so that it will look good with a large beard.
  • Elongated – requires a visual extension, which will help and sideburns.
  • Square – properly hide the sharp shapes of the chin will allow a rounded beard or neat bristles.

For more information on choosing the shape of a beard for growing from scratch, read the link. If you want, you can experiment and try on different images. The main thing is that the result emphasizes individuality and makes a face more attractive.

Many experts recommend not to hurry with the build-up. Of course, you want to grow a beard quickly and correctly, but you need to take into account such a moment as uniform hair growth. If you are not sure that the vegetation grows evenly, thoroughly shave your face and start watching the bristles. Our article will tell you how to shave your beard properly. After shaving, pay attention to how quickly and equally hairs appear on different parts of the face, especially above the lip and on the edge of the chin. If everything is in order, you can move on to growing from scratch.

To understand how to grow a beard quickly, if it does not grow evenly, it is worth studying tips to stimulate hair growth. Let’s talk about it below.


The Main Stages of Beard Growth

The Main Stages of Beard Growth

When growing from scratch, men have many questions – how much time hair grows, how to care for vegetation properly, whether to grow a moustache and sideburns. To understand these nuances, consider the process of hair growth in stages.


In the first week of refusal to shave, a man may experience itching, the face will itch, and on the cheeks will quickly appear ugly thickets, which will give the careless appearance. Considering how to grow a beard quickly, we note that it is necessary to wait out this period calmly. To eliminate unpleasant sensations, it will be right to use oil for the beard or handle the bristles with moisturizer.



In a month, the beard will have a tangible length and shape. At this stage, it can already be combed using a comb. The skin will become less sensitive, the itching will disappear, but it does not mean that it is possible to start the growing processes. The man needs to constantly and properly care for the face. To do this, regularly rinse it with clean water, remove pollution in the morning and evening, use tools to grow the beard from scratch. Trim and trim yet do not need because not all hair follicles have activated their growth.


1-2 months

During this period of growing from scratch, vegetation quickly acquires maximum density. If you want to grow a short beard, you can already start trimming with a trimmer or scissors. Those who plan to become the owner of a long beard should continue its cultivation. Standard hygiene should be combined with regular hair washing and softening with oil (better turnip).


2-3 months

At this stage, you can safely model at home or visit a barbershop. After two months, the hair structure begins to change; they become tougher and acquire curls at the ends. In this regard, it is worth even more time to devote to care. Do not forget to wash the vegetation, comb daily, handle oil for shine. For washing, you can use a suitable shampoo, and for combing – metal or wooden comb.


3-6 months

If you have managed to hold out for so long, then you do not occupy the endurance. With such a long beard, visit the barber at least 1-2 times a month and wash your hair at least once a week. Experts recommend drying hairs after washing naturally, as they can be easily spoiled by heat treatment from the hairdryer.


How to shape a beard

A beautiful beard is the result of painstaking work, which requires careful monitoring of the cultivation and shape. To properly simulate a beard from scratch, you will need certain tools. First of all – stainless-steel scissors. It is important that they lie comfortably in the palm of your hand and do not make it difficult to trim excessive hair. Scissors are usually required by men who plan to have a long beard.

Another useful tool is the trimmer. It is a small machine, at one end of which is a sharp blade. For more information on what a trimmer is, click here. Complete with an electrical appliance often comes a variety of nozzles that allow you to properly level the beard from scratch and quickly prune it to the desired length.

Among the wide variety of trimmers on the championship, the market palm is Braun’s company models. In our online store, you will find a wide range of devices from the German brand, combining high performance and a long work period. The devices have up to 39 length settings to be used effectively to align any beard.

On average, the trimmer should be used every 5-10 days. With a short beard and hard hair, this period is reduced to 2-3 days. Once the vegetation has reached the required length, you can start modelling with neat trimming on the contour and surface. Sometimes men make the mistake of shave off too much hair. To avoid this, learn from our article how to use a trimmer correctly. Also, do not forget about shaving the neck to the chin line. Otherwise, you can start your appearance and become like a Neanderthal.


Reasons why a beard doesn’t grow

Not every man can quickly and correctly grow a bushy beard. Sometimes, the hair does not grow on separate parts of the face, so all attempts to give a stylish look are defeated. It is challenging to grow a beard to a teenager in the body of which there is not enough testosterone. First, to grow hair properly and quickly, you need to understand the reasons for their poor growth. These are:

  • Poor nutrition – if a man eats wrong, consumes alcohol, spicy or fatty foods, it does not have the best effect on hair growth. It is important to properly organize a diet in which there will be many vegetables, fish, cereals, nuts.
  • Heredity – if your father or grandfather did not have thick bristles, do not hope that you will have lush hair. In such a situation, it remains only to give up the beard and shave to smooth cheeks.
  • Lifestyle – the violation of hair growth can lead to poor sleep quality, constant stress, overwork. It is worth reconsidering your life and getting rid of negative emotions. Well, if you go on a trip, take up sports or find an interesting hobby. In this case, you may not have to use stimulants to grow the beard.


How to stimulate the growth of the beard, make it lusher and thicker

If you can’t grow a big and good beard quickly from scratch, you can use some ways to stimulate hair growth:

  • Normalize the hormonal background with sports activities.
  • Wash your beard properly – a special shampoo that will revive the sleeping follicles.
  • Add vitamins E and A to your diet.
  • Get rid of bad habits.
  • Apply exfoliating scrubs, which quickly remove dead particles from the skin.
  • Drink more water – the average adult man needs 1.9 to 2.3 litres per day.

If you approach growing facial hair correctly, you can grow a magnificent beard and moustache from scratch. The main thing is to provide full care and not forget about modelling with a trimmer or scissors. Our article will talk about how to choose the right trimmer. Take care of your beard – and you will succeed!

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