Thermal Protectors for Hair

Have you ever stopped to think about how much damage overuse of the dryer and flat iron can cause to your hair?

This is because using tools with excessive heat use can be great for straightening or styling the strands, but in excess can cause great damage to your hair, such as dryness, loss of vitality and shine.

But, calm – you don’t have to worry and abolish the use of these tools once and for all so as not to weaken your hair. Nowadays you can use them moderately to model your strands, while protecting and moisturizing them with the right product, keeping your hair beautiful and healthy for longer.

Also because decreasing the time of use of the dryer may not be the only effective option. Our hair is extremely sensitive to heat, making exposure to tools with the use of heat and even sunlight to be very harmful to the health and natural hydration of the strands.

Therefore, if you like to use a dryer, flat iron, Babyliss or diffuser and want to have healthy hair and full of life, the use of a quality thermal protector is essential to protect your hair from damage caused by heat and external agents.

What is a thermal protector?

Thermal shield is a product that helps preserve hair structure against excessive heat from a dryer, flat iron, Babyliss and diffuser. It acts by creating a protective layer around the hair fibre, which helps seal the cuticle, decrease frizz and prevent the heat from these tools from scratching and damaging the strands.


Benefits of using thermal protectors

Thermal protectors have several benefits for healthy and beautiful hair for longer.

That’s because in addition to protecting your hair from heat damage from the flat iron, dryer and babyliss, its use still contributes to prolong the brush effect and keep the hair styled for longer.

In addition, it leaves the strands more hydrated, avoids the split ends, helps reduce the frizz and define the curls, and break, facilitates brushing, straightening and hair modeling, whether with the plank or babyliss.

Each product has exclusive benefits and indications. But overall, you will result in more hydrated, shiny and beautiful hair for much longer.


Best Thermal Protectors for Hair in India 2021

Now, you can choose the best thermal protector for your hair from the selection below with the 10 best thermal protectors for hair:

1. Kamura Therapy Safe Repair Leave-in Thermoprotective Detangler


Brand of one of the most important and experienced beauty professionals in the country with 40 years of market, Celso Kamura, this thermal protector offers high untangling power, including the most difficult knots to untangle while protecting and conditioning the hair.

The formula was developed with the exclusive Amino-Force Technology and features arginine, serine, proline, cysteine and wetting agent.

Especially suitable for chemically treated hair, the product promises extra hydration and also facilitates brushing, resulting in hair protected from chemical and mechanical aggressions, with a healthy appearance with soft strands and shine.

Main benefit:

  • Specially developed for chemically treated hair, protecting the strands from chemical and mechanical aggressions
  • Can be used also on dry hair
  • Spray-shaped makes it easy to apply and helps untangle even the most complicated nodes


2. Peanut Smooth Expertise Without Chemistry


With an ultra-advanced formula that includes amino acids, moringa oil and moisture blocking agents, this softening leave-in promises to block moisture, nourish and improve yarn resistance.

The extra benefit is because of the enduring anti-frizz action, which promises smooth frizz yarns for up to 5 days!

Main benefit:

  • Ideal for those who want a straight hair and without frizz
  • Long-lasting action with smooth effect for up to 5 days
  • Keeps wires aligned, controlled and soft


3. Jacques Janine Absolute Smooth Thermoactivated Fluid


Suitable for bulky and unruly hair, this Jacques Janine Professional Professional Smooth Thermoactivated Fluid offers thermal protection, smooth effect and reduced frizz and volume.

Its formula includes chia extract, flaxseed extract and amaranth oil, which together promote intense hydration, stimulates hair growth, strengthens the strands and fights dryness, bringing vitality, elasticity, resistance and favoring smooth strands without chemistry with intense shine and softness.

Main benefit:

  • Very powerful formula and high power of hydration and strengthening, with extracts of chia and flaxseed and amaranth oil
  • Assists in reducing frizz and volume, especially for bulky and unruly hair
  • Ideal for those who want to achieve an instant smooth and prolonged, free of chemistry


4. Thermo-Activated Keratin Brush Truss


This powerful heat shield ensures up to 80% heat protection from the dryer, acting as a leave-in with heat treatment and reconstruction.

Its super complete and potent formula includes bio cysteine, keratin, creatine, vitamins E and F, lipo nutrients, ceramides and phospholipids, which act in maintaining the elasticity and permeabilities of cuticular cells.

It is also worth mentioning the intelligent technological asset Glow System, which provides an extraordinary gloss gloss with 3D effect, protecting the color of colored hair and creating a film of lasting protection for the strands exposed to heat.

All this combination of technological ingredients work exclusively with heat, necessary to ensure the absorption and fixation of the assets in the wires.

The result is a complete reconstruction for your strands, keeping them protected and hydrated.

Main benefit:

  • In addition to leave-in thermal protection, it works as a reconstruction treatment due to its potent formula with a concentrate of proteins and amino acids
  • Active thermo cream that gives consistency to brittle fibers while protecting from heat and external aggressions to hair
  • Unique Glow system delivers a fantastic gloss gloss with 3D effect for your hair


5. LOréal Series Expert Absolut Repair

From one of the most famous and best rated lines of professional L ́Oréal, this leave-in has a 10-in-1 effect, including a powerful thermal protection of up to 230º that still strengthens and softens the hair facilitating drying and modeling.

Its 10 benefits include: nutrition, resurfacing, reduction of split ends, dry touch, dryness, ease to dry hair, frizz control, clearance, anti-pollution protection and thermal protection.

Its active-rich formula includes hydrolyzed wheat protein, vitamins E and B complex, as well as the co-emulsion shape, with its molecule up to 50x smaller than traditional ones that ensures the penetration of the actives deeper into the hair fiber and acts in the most damaged areas of the hair.

Using the complete line of L ́Oréal Absolute Repair, the brand promises a hair 77% more prepared, 7x brighter and with soft touch as a result.

Main benefit:

  • L ́Oréal’s professional line, includes an active formula and co-emulsion that forms a thin and homogeneous film throughout the hair fiber, favoring a light and smooth touch in the hair.
  • High thermal protection of up to 230º, protecting the wires from damage caused by excessive heat from the dryer
  • Product 10 in 1, with treatment benefits, completion and thermal and anti-pollution protection


6. Truss Hair Protector Protector Daily Gel Cream


With cream gel texture, this daily thermal protector is recommended for all hair types. It assists in the clearance of wires, protects from IR rays, heat from the dryer, from the mechanical damage caused by the brush and also assists in the recovery of the natural structure of the wires.

Its assets include cereal and wheat protein, sun protection, bio affinity complex and the incredible Glow System, which gives an extraordinary gloss effect in 3D while nourishing and creating a lasting protection film for hair.

Main benefit:

  • Daily protector with high thermal protection against dryer heat, UV rays and wind.
  • Amazing Glow system, which promotes a gloss gloss with beautiful and lasting 3D effect for your hair
  • Due to the wide protection, it helps in maintaining color in colored hair, in addition to including proteins that form a moisturizing and protective film for the strands


7. Rusk Thermal Serum


This Rusk hot seum now includes pure argan oil, offering a thermoprotective gloss seum for extra shine and softness in the hair strands.

Its highly concentrated sereum formula has instant effect, which promises to transform dry and damaged hair into soft, dry, incredibly shiny and frizz-free strands.

It is especially suitable for chemically treated and colored hair.

Main benefit:

  • With argan oil, promotes softness and extra shine to hair
  • It has thermal protection with texture in seum and light and instant aninstant effect
  • Its highly concentrated seum smoothes and sealed the capillary cuticle, eliminating dryness and frizz.


8. Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image Thermal Protector


This very expensive heat protection spray from Wella’s professional line offers a biphasic product that protects hair from heat of up to 220ºC and softens hair for softness and shine.

Suitable for all hair types, the product contains actives that still help to discipline the strands and promote the memorization of the hair shape for a perfect hairstyle for much longer. Interesting, isn’t it?

As a result, your hair will be protected from damage caused by thermal tools such as the flat iron and dryer, as well as soft and with a very beautiful shine.

Main benefit:

  • Wella’s professional line, of German origin and with more than 130 years of market,ensures credibility and high efficiency in the technology of its assets
  • Biphasic thermal protection spray that still helps to discipline the strands and keep the beautiful hairstyle in place for longer
  • Controls frizz and ensures flawless shine to hair


9. Lowell Magic Smooth Thermoactivated Fluid


As its name says, this Lowell fluid is perfect for those who want a smooth finish on a chemical-free product.

The fluid has magical assets capable of offering 14 benefits in only one product: gradual smooth effect, blocks moisture, protects against frizz, protects against heat damage, saddles the cuticle, prolongs the smooth effect, repairs double ends, untangles the strands, nourishes and restores the hair fiber, provides intense shine, assists in drying, offers a dry touch to the hair , is chemical-free and is suitable for all hair types.

Perfect for those who are passionate about natural straight hair and who wish to protect the strands from the damage caused by high exposure to heat.

Main benefit:

  • Very complete product that offers 14 benefits including high thermal protection
  • Promotes magical smooth effect for soft hair, with intense shine and without frizz
  • Chemical-free product, promoting healthy and beautiful yarns for longer


10. Lee Stafford Heat Protection Shine Mist


This lee stafford multi-award winning thermal protector helps protect hair from the intense heat of dryers and chapinhas by offering soft, shiny hair and protected from damage from external agents.

Its formula relies on the powerful green tea extract that protects the hair from super hot chapinhas, including antioxidants that protect the hair from damage caused by the environment and heat, reducing the formation of free radicals caused by UV rays and the heat of the dryer and flat iron.

The result is beautiful hair, with shine and a delicious scent characteristic of Lee Stafford’s products.

Main benefit:

  • Full thermal protector, which in addition to protecting against heat damage from the dryer, reduces the formation of free radicals caused by UV rays
  • Includes powerful green tea extract with antioxidants that protect the strands from damage caused by solar radiation
  • Promotes fragrant, soft and motion-packed hair


Tips to protect hair from damage caused by heating naturally

  • Before making brush, flat iron or babyliss, always use a good thermal protector to protect your wires from heat damage.
  • If you choose to use the thermal protector with dry hair, opt for a spray-shaped protector or seum, which helps protect and moisturize without weighing on the strands during modeling.
  • To boost the conditioning and hydration of the strands, it is worth using a combing cream of your choice in conjunction with the thermal protector, before the brush. This combination provides extra protection against hair dryness caused by high dryer temperatures.
  • Also consider the texture of your hair when choosing the thermal protector: for smoother and oily hair, lighter formulas are more suitable; For thicker and dry hair, you can opt for a more consistent formula, in cream or seum, which still provides extra hydration.
  • To prevent your strands from becoming heavy and oily, apply the product in a small amount.
  • Also, avoid applying the product directly to the wires. You can heat it in the palm of your hands to activate your components and distribute the product along the length, especially at the tips.
  • With the exception of some specific products, the recommendation is that you always apply the thermal protector only on length and tips, avoiding its use on the hair root.


Is thermal protection spray good for hair?

Yes, thermal protection spray is great to be applied to hair still wet to protect the strands from excessive heat by the use of dryer, flat iron, babyliss and diffuser.

How do thermal protectors protect hair?

Thermal protectors protect the hair by creating a protective layer around the hair fiber, which helps seal the cuticle, decrease frizz and prevent the heat from these tools from scratching and damaging the strands.


Conclusion on thermal hair protectors

Now that you should already be convinced of the importance of using a good thermal protector before using the dryer and other tools that use heat, you can already choose the most suitable product for your hair type.

By keeping your use constant before you are exposure to aggressive heat, you protect your strands from the damage caused by these tools and still gain extra benefits from each product, such as hydration, shine and prolonged softness.

As a reward, you will have your strands protected, soft and healthy for much longer.

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