Tips to Maintain Your RO Water Purifier At Home

Water purifiers are now widely used. Of course, it is very nice to drink soft drinking water from our homes to tap water price. But can purifiers really do their job? Although the answer to this question is generally yes, in certain cases, no. We will address these issues with you in our article.


First, let’s see what purifiers do


Purifiers make your water clearer, more odourless, more colourless and free of harmful substances. It does this by passing water through various filters in succession. With each filter, your water becomes cleaner. Besides, the purifier removes heavy metals, some radioactive substances and taste-disrupting excess minerals from your water.

A newly acquired purifier – the quality of the device is also effective, of course – can remove excess substances in the water up to 95 per cent.


What are these toxic substances and heavy metals that spoil our water?

Some metals such as arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury are found in tiny quantities in nature and usually in bulk. These gases can be released if there is a movement by human hands or natural phenomena such as floods and earthquakes in the areas where they are located. In such cases, some of the gases released are mixed into the waters of rivers, lakes, etc. If we do not treat them with our purifiers, this can lead to many health problems.

As we mentioned in our other article, the effect of heavy metals also varies depending on temperature. For this reason, it is better for your health to drink water at the appropriate temperature (between 4 and 12 degrees), even if it is treated.


Why Should We Drink Purified Water And Not Natural Spring Water?

Natural spring waters contain highly beneficial minerals, but in some cases, many substances, including toxic liquids, can be mixed into them. Since it is drunk without treatment, these substances directly affect our body. You can never experience such a situation in tap water because the state processes and filters the water it receives from areas such as lakes, including boiling. Another reason is that many of the substances that the state adds to tap water are healthy, and it is better to treat and drink them in a way that does not spoil the taste than natural spring water.



In which case is the treatment process not enough? What Happens If We Don’t Get Regular Maintenance on the Purifier?

The fact that some useful substances are above the limit values has negative effects on health. As we mentioned at the beginning of the topic, most harmful and radioactive substances filter through successive filters. But these filters become clogged after a while and become unable to function. In fact, if it is not maintained for a very long time, it will start to pollute your water. In this case, your purifier may start spreading disease instead of health. To avoid such situations, we recommend that you consult with your purifier company and have regular maintenance.


Properties of Drinkable Water

We can examine this in 3 groups. Firstly, physical properties (turbidity, colour, smell, temperature, radioactivity), secondly chemical properties (degree of hardness, organic and inorganic ingredients, pH and toxic compounds, etc.) and finally, their biological properties (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, etc.). So how do we get the most suitable water to drink in terms of all these properties? First of all, our water should be filtered with the detailed filtered system of the state. Then, it should become free of bad smell, bad taste, and foreign substances with your purifier. Finally, we must leave it in the refrigerator for proper drinking temperature.

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