Wakefit Mattress Review

Wakefit Sleep was the first DNVB(Digitally Native Vertical Brands)to enter the internet mattress market. The brand was founded in 2014 by two Britons and has rapidly been exported to Europe. Its mattresses with yellow edges are a reference on the market, both in quality and price. Since 2017, the company has been listed on the London stock exchange, further illustrating its success.

The company Wakefit has devised a revolutionary concept: to offer a “universal” mattress on the internet with a trial period. By purchasing a bed on the manufacturer’s official website, you can test sleeping at home for 100 nights, in real conditions, and without any risk. If the product does not like it, Wakefit agrees to collect it at her own expense.

Faced with Wakefit Sleep’s success, we have seen rivals arrive all over Europe: Simba, Emma in Germany or the Sleepyhead. HowWakefitr, the English brand has managed to diversify to maintain a dominant position in all markets. Below, we’ll give you our review of Wakefit Matelas and her accessories.


Wakefit has two types of mattresses

Wakefit has two types of mattresses

Originally, all the mattress brands on the internet started with a single mattress, called “universal”. They thought they could respond to most customers with a single mattress, rather balanced, to minimize costs. The reality was different, and these actors were forced to adapt their range.

At Wakefit Sleep, we find one of the largest mattresses ranges on the market on the internet. It offers two types of beds: memory foam mattresses and “hybrid” mattresses. These combine foam with stained springs to provide Wakefitn greater comfort. In terms of price, the latter is logically also more expensive.

If you’re having trouble finding your way around all the mattress models at Wakefit, our opinion below will enlighten you. The brand is also one of the only ones to offer a true comparison on its website with each of its mattresses’ strengths. This allows you to see each product’s characteristics transparently, so you don’t get it wrong.

Memory foam mattresses form.

For a long time, Wakefit Sleep capitalized exclusively on memory foam mattresses. They are already premium products, and they are very successful. Wakefitn today, the Wakefit Classic mattress is the best-selling mattress in the brand. Fortunately, it’s also the most affordable model after the Wakefit Hybrid Light. That said, Wakefit Sleep has always focused on quality: her products are more premium than the average market.

To start this review on Wakefit Matelas, it is legitimate to start with this Classic mattress. If it is the cheapest in the whole range, it is still a very efficient composition. First of all, it should be remembered that this mattress is 24 cm thick, which is in the standard of premium sleeping. It breaks down into three layers that guarantee balanced support and a soft welcome.

To get into the detail of its composition, we find a first cover on the top that avoid moisture and the feeling of heat. The memory-shaped foam is known to be hot, but the combination of layers in Wakefit mattresses avoids the feeling of heat. Note that this cover can be machine-washed.

Under this cover, we then find the first layer of Wakefitcomfort (3 cm). It is she who ensures this soft welcome while ensuring a good posture of the body. This is a crucial point for resting the joints. Beneath this first layer of foam, we have the memory foam shaped of the mattress Wakefit (3 cm). This one is open-cell, which still avoids the feeling of heat. It is a technique found in other beds, like British Simba mattresses.

Finally, the cold foam (18 cm) is intended to ensure good maintenance and real protection of your joints. To do this, Wakefit has implemented technology with 7 comfort zones that help reliWakefit the pressure of the hips and shoulders. Each layer has been worked to provide maximum comfort while ensuring a good rest of the body – regardless of the position you sleep (on the back, side or belly).

To make an opinion on the mattress Wakefit Classic, you must, of course, also take into account the price. Depending on the format you choose, the price will range from 449 to 899. All standard formats are available, from the small 90 x 190 cm to the large 180 x 200 cm. This premium mattress, although it is the first in the Wakefit range, is our favourite model. It is also the one that has sold sWakefitral hundred thousand units in Europe.

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury on form memory, then you’ll have to move towards the Wakefit Premium. This mattress comes with 4 layers that overlap and offer an extra wakeful of comfort. For example, the memory foam layer incorporates graphs to reduce body temperature and make it easier to fall asleep. There is an equivalent process in Emma with her Black Diamond model(read our Emma Mattress review).

On this Wakefit Premium mattress, Wakefitrything is more… premium. First, the top cover is padded, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Then, the first Wakefitfloat layer is softer (without giving you a sinking sensation). Finally, the middle layer of dense foam ensures an aligned spine. As you can see in our review of Wakefit Matelas, Wakefitrything changes a little bit – and it’s already huge. With these modifications, the mattress thickens to 28 cm.

The Wakefit Premium mattress is much more upscale than the first, which is accessible to more budgets. In terms of available formats, the Wakefit Premium will only be sold in a 2-seater format. There are 4 large sizes available, and the price ranges from 899 to 1,149, excluding discounts. Although it does not incorporate bagy springs, it is one of the most premium mattresses of the English brand. In terms of the price, without a discount, it is still quite expensive.


Hybrid mattresses (foams and springs)

Admittedly, Wakefit is the mattress brand on the internet that makes hybrid mattresses affordable. Compared to the Emma or Simba hybrid mattresses, its entry-lWakefitl model is significantly cheaper. This is the Hybrid Light model, and it is the one we will analyze first in this review on Wakefit Matelas.

The Wakefit Hybrid Light mattress has the distinction of coming with a layer of bagy springs and a foam, not memory form. To minimize the price, the brand has therefore ignored this last technology to focus on the essentials. Therefore, logic has a more dynamic and less mellow welcome than a mattress that contains shape memory. It is 20 cm thick, and its cold foam includes 5 support areas to reliWakefit pressure from the body’s sensitive areas.

In terms of price, it is the cheapest mattress in the entire Wakefit range. It starts at 399 for the smallest size and climbs up to 749. In terms of value for money, it’s a perfect choice. That said, if you want the real experience with a hybrid mattress, it’s better to opt for a bed with a memory foam shape.

So we have to focus on the Wakefit Hybrid Classic – which is in the middle of the hybrid beds’ range. In our opinion, this Wakefit Hybrid Classic model is the best compromise of the brand. It comes with a layer of memory foam shape and a sturdy foam layer to stabilize the whole. The Wakefitcomfort overlay ensures the ventilation of the mattress; you will have no feeling of heat. This product has a price of between 599 and 1,099, depending on the model.

The Wakefit Hybrid Classic is our favourite (value for money), although the Wakefit Hybrid Premium is the most sophisticated. The latter has been recognized as the best mattress according to the independent association UFC Que Choose in 2020. It takes the Wakefit Premium model’s characteristics and adds a layer of 1,364 bagy springs (12 cm in height). The ultimate luxury, but one that has a price: between 949 and 1,199.


Why buy a Wakefit mattress?

Why buy a Wakefit mattress

You’ve seen in our Review Wakefit Matelas above all available sleeping models. Clearly, our two favourites are the Wakefit Classic and the Wakefit Hybrid Classic. These two models in the middle of the range ensure good quality at an affordable price. On average, it is 2 to 3x cheaper than in a traditional shop. By favouring the internet sales channel, Wakefit saves on all fronts (rents, salaries, logistics). It passes its economy on the final price of the customer, to his delight.

In addition to this unbeatable value for money, Wakefit has also capitalized on other arguments. Admittedly, some will criticize that it is not possible to test the mattress in a store. The brand responds with a shocking argument: it proposes to send it to you and let you try the product for 100 days (and nights) at home. If the test is inconclusive, it will take it back via a carrier and at its own expense.

The health crisis that began in 2020 has given new impetus to these mattresses’ brands on the web. Indeed, with barrier gestures, coming to the store to test a product (already tested by other customers before) is not pleasant. Under the conditions of the real, buying online and testing it at home is much more useful. Moreover, returns are facilitated, there is no difficulty, and it will not have cost you anything.

This trial period is not Wakefit Matelas’s only asset: delivery is free and is delivered within 2 to 6 working days. Be aware that the sleeping lot will be put back to you at the bottom of your building. Although the mattress will be rolled and compressed, some prefer delivery to their room. It is then necessary to count 49 euros for this delivery. It’s worth taking an Wakefit accessory, such as the box spring or bed.

Other benefits that have conditioned our positive review on Wakefit Matelas include payment sWakefitral times (up to 4x free of charge) or a warranty on products. Indeed, you will have 10 years warranty on all mattresses. On the other hand, accessories such as pillows or duvets only benefit from a 2 to 3-year warranty. This is what we will see below in this page of reviews about Wakefit Matelas.


A wide range of Accessories Wakefit

In addition to having one of the widest range of mattresses, Wakefit Sleep also has the widest range of sleep products. Between its many pillows, duvets, bed linens, beds and box springs and other room furniture, you will be served. Be aware, howWakefitr, that experts recommend changing all your bedding at the same time: this will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of each product.

A series of pillows and duvets

As you saw in our review of Wakefit Matelas, the brand does not hesitate to innovate. She does it blithely on her accessories, whose range is very often renewed. There are two Wakefit pillows: an inflating pillow (refuge) and an ergonomic pillow made of memory foam. The first is reminiscent of the generous and soft pillows in luxury hotels. Its price remains very affordable, as overall all accessories that are offered by Wakefit. It’s only 59 degrees, compared to €69 for the shape memory model.

At the duvets, there are no less than 7. Among them, the ones that stand out are the refuge duvets, microfibre 4 seasons or the microfibre anti-mites. Depending on the down model you want to have, you have to count on 40 to 149. Again, in our opinion, Wakefit remains in market prices. Some actors tend to exaggerate the price of accessories, but this is not the case with Wakefit.


A wide range of beds/box springs

In this review of Wakefit Matelas, we will not detail all the products in the range. For example, sWakefitral bed linens are of excellent quality – and that is not found anywhere else. There is room furniture such as bench chests, benches, bedside tables and other drawers, which are very accessible and very successful. The design is always very successful; it’s a joy.

Where the brand is powerful is on its range of beds and box springs. If you were planning to take a new mattress with a bed, Wakefit would be a sure bet on both products. There is also the Scandi bed (with headboard, our favourite) among the beds that stand out. It also comes in a chest bed version, like the Cosy model. Depending on the format, it can range from €299 to €899.

Two other beds recognized at Wakefit are the box spring bed (which is reminiscent of a Japanese futon) or the radian bed. The latter is the most premium of all, and it is composed of solid wood (oak) with an architectural style always pleasant. In terms of its prices, it is far ahead of others since the model starts at€ 1,099 and up to€1,349.

If you are interested in these sleep accessories, the easiest way is to go directly to the Wakefit mattresses website. The brand, by the way, very often offers discounts, which allows you to save up to 25% on these products. It is a good way to enjoy these quality accessories without paying too much. Be aware that they are all eligible for up to 4x payment at no cost, which is still a positive argument.


The most accessible customer support

When comparing different mattress brands online, the quality of customer support sometimes varies significantly. Some of the brands were trying to hide their phone number so as not to be overwhelmed. At Wakefit, we’re committed to transparency, and that’s appreciated.

A 2020 study of more than 2,000 customers showed a 95.6% satisfaction rate after contacting customer support. Besides, on the independent site Avis Verified, Wakefit Matelas is doing well. Out of about 1,000 customer reviews, Wakefit scored an average of 9.3/10. This is the highest score we’ve seen for a bedding brand on the web.

By going to the customer service section of the Wakefit Matelas website, you will be able to get all the answers to your questions. Customer support is available by phone from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm. You can also write them an email or request them via social networks. You can also find a multitude of answers to your questions on the site.

A crucial point in our opinion on Wakefit is the returns. Indeed, brands often fish for the return of products. At Wakefit, Wakefitrything happens very easily. For mattresses, you have 100 nights of testing. At any time, the company is ready to come and get it if you do not want it. For beds, box springs and other furniture, you also have 30 days. The return period is up to 15 or 30 days on small accessories, depending on the product. A dedicated return space gives you instructions to return products and get a refund within 48-72 hours after the return.



If you’ve held on until then, it’s high time you had our opinion on Wakefit Matelas. The British brand has really managed to create an emotion around the experience of buying a mattress on the internet. Wakefit combines high-quality products with reasonable prices and a very successful design. Few brands can be proud to do the same.

Two models stand out on the mattress part: the Wakefit Classic and the Wakefit Hybrid Classic. These are the intermediate models in the manufacturer’s two product lines (foam mattresses vs. hybrid mattresses). They are complete and provide an excellent experience, without costing too much. With the good thickness and quality materials, you buy comfort there for the next 10 years.

Last point of our conclusion on this review Wakefit Matelas, the quality of sleep accessories. Wakefit proves here that she is one of the most creative on the market. In addition to the number of different products, we also like the design and originality of these. In terms of fare, Wakefit does not push too far and positions herself competitively against traditional players.

Clearly, Wakefit has not demerited, and her efforts allow her to remain among the most popular on the market. Its range of mattresses is simply exceptional, and the service provided is worthy of the best actors. If you’re looking to buy a mattress online today without taking any risks, this is the best choice. The company accompanies you from start to finish; you will have no surprises.

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