What is the difference between an air cooler and air conditioning?

There are many different refrigeration units on the Internet. The choice is usually made on an air cooler or air conditioning. But what is the difference between these two types of devices?

Precisely because air coolers are often referred to as air conditioning (this is wrong), it is important to know here. An air cooler is not a proper air conditioning system.

You will now learn what the differences are and why it is important to know the differences.


What is the air conditioning?

air conditioning

The article on Wikipedia says the following about air conditioning:

The functions of an air conditioner are:

  • Changing the air temperature (heating or cooling),
  • Changing the humidity (moisturizing or drying),
  • Removal of air components (filter or replacement),
  • Changing the local air velocity.

Air conditioners, as in our top 10 bestsellers, are mostly equipped with all these features. There are two important points that define a real air conditioner:

  • Lowering the room temperature: only when the temperature in the room drops, cool down.
  • Lowering humidity: another important issue. Only if you can effectively reduce humidity at high temperatures will you feel more comfortable.

Tip: With a temperature of about 22 °C and relative humidity of about 50%, a large proportion of people feel comfortable. Read more about the optimal humidity here.

A proper air conditioning system works with compressor technology. This technique absorbs warm air and then emitted it through an exhaust air hose or an outdoor device. This lowers the room temperature.

Examples of air conditioning systems: mobile version as well as a fixed split air conditioning system

In summary, air conditioning is a technical system that lowers room temperature and humidity. It will be cooler and more pleasant.


What is an air cooler?


The word “air cooler” contains the definition. The air in the room cools down temporarily. However, the temperature does not decrease, and the humidity does not decrease either. Here are the two main differences compared to air conditioning.

An air cooler is primarily a fan. And a fan generates wind. However, the wind does not lower the room temperature.

Many air coolers also have a container that is intended for water, ice or cooling batteries. The air passes the water or ice and cools down minimally. This technique is called cooling by evaporative cooling.

The function of cooling by evaporative cold and water tank of an air cooler

Unfortunately, the use of water and ice creates an effect that you do not want in summer—humidity increases.

The bottom line: You sit in your room at high temperatures and feel in the jungle. Imagine that at 35 degrees. They will sweat even more like in the rainforest – because, in the “real” rainforest, there is 70 to 100 per cent humidity at a constant 25 degrees. The air is standing, pressing. Strict, you are bathed directly in sweat.


The differences at a glance

Air conditioning

  • real reduction in room temperature
  • Real reduction in humidity
  • Acquisition costs from 200/300 € for the mobile version, 500 € for a split air conditioning system
  • high power consumption
  • Exhaust air hose required (for mobile devices)
  • heavy equipment
  • high noise

Air cooler

  • no reduction in room temperature
  • no reduction in humidity, but increase
  • Acquisition costs from 60/70 €
  • low power consumption
  • no exhaust air hose required
  • light devices
  • low noise



Is an exhaust air hose always necessary for air conditioning?

Yes, because without transporting the exhaust air from the apartment, the heat remains in the apartment. There is no reduction in the internal temperature.


Are air coolers as good as mobile air conditioners?

No, because air coolers are evaporative systems. An air cooler is basically a better fan with water evaporation. Air conditioners cool with compressor technology and coolant. This is the only way to really lower the room temperature.


 Can I install a split air conditioning system myself?

Yes, this is possible, but you should always have these devices installed by a specialist.


Is mobile air conditioning or split air conditioning better?

Split air conditioners cool more efficiently and are quieter. However, they cost more, are not mobile, and a professional has to install them. Depending on your needs, one or the other model is better.


Can an air cooler reduce humidity?

No, quite the opposite. Evaporation technology even increases the humidity in the rooms. This will make you sweat even more if you don’t get the moisture out of the rooms.


Can air coolers heat?

Yes, some devices have such a function. When purchasing, make sure that the heating technology is installed.


Do air conditioners make you sick?

Air conditioners generally do not make you sick. However, you can make yourself sick if the air conditioning is not cleaned properly and regularly. In addition, too low temperatures can dry out the mucous membranes, which increases the risk of infection due to germs.

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